The penis facts you probably didn’t know

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Penises are at the heart of most male’s masculinity and pleasure. There are nearly four billion willies around the world which come in all shapes, sizes and lengths. Despite this, not much is known about the male genitalia. But look no further, here we are to educate you about the manhood, with the facts you probably didn’t know.

The average size

Briton’s average erect penis measures in at 5.16 inches in length, with an Internet survey concluding that 45 percent of British males are unhappy with the size of their manhood. This could be due to most women seeking partners who have an extra inch or that most South American men reign at having the world’s biggest penises, measuring in at just over seven inches – the jammy sods!

The world’s biggest penis

So, as South America holds the title for having the biggest penis by population, it would be rude for them to not have the biggest individual penis. So it’s no surprise Mexican guy Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is credited for having the world’s longest penis. Cabrera measures in at 19.5 inches long, which is bigger than a 30cm ruler one 15th the size of a giraffe. Pretty long eh? At his current length, the 54-year-old isn’t able to engage in sex and has been offered surgery to reduce the size, in which he has refused. Cabrera’s manhood is a whopping six inches longer than the world’s second largest penis. However, critics have suggested the Mexican’s manhood isn’t natural and has used weights over the years to stretch the size – but still, his schlong is pretty impressive!

And the world’s smallest

Just across the waters in sun-kissed Miami, Florida resides the male with the world’s smallest penis. The Guinness World Record’s recognises Mike Carson for having the world’s smallest fully functioning willy at one 16th of an inch. The 30-year-old American, who was picked on during high school for having what looked like a ‘big clit’, admits he was embarrassed for a long time about the size of manhood but has since come to embrace it. He told Empire News “I’ve had girls come up to me and say ‘they just have to try it out,’ so I can’t even tell you how many girls I’ve been with because of it.” Like Cabrera, Carson has no plans to change the size of the penis – what a lad!

Erections during sleep

Let’s move on from the size of penises and onto something more interesting – let’s talk erections! Erections are amazing, but let’s be honest we’ve all been subjected to an erection at the WRONG TIME. Many men aren’t aware their manhood experiences up to five erections during one night’s sleep and it isn’t common to spend up to four hours in La La Land with a boner. Sexologists suggest that sleep erections are stimulated by mood, dreams and room temperature.

You’re never too early to have an erection

Though it’s not understood why many baby boys often have erections (usually during nappy changes!) However, erections can actually happen much earlier with ultrasounds detecting what is known as ‘penile erections’ from as early as 16 weeks gestation. They do start early, eh!

Dead people can get erections

Though sometimes you might need the helping hand of Viagra, you’re actually never too hold to have a hard-on. But I bet you didn’t know you can actually have an erection after death! It might sound weird, but it actually is pretty common and is often referred to as ‘angel of lust’. Though scientists are yet to find out why it happens, they have found a correlation with corpses having erections when the blood vessels are majorly damaged.

 Some men have more than one penis

Moving on from the dead having erections and onto something exceptionally rare – some men are actually born with two penises! It’s estimated that one in 5.5 million American have what is known as diphallia, with the cause not being known. Diphallia affects the individual’s penises in different ways. Some are fully functioning and are of a normal size, while others are malformed and endure struggles with ejaculation and urinating.

Men can have penis transplants

In 2017, a South African became the third male to have penis transplantation around the world. Doctors state many males would benefit from the 10-hour procedure but there’s currently a lack of donors. The first penis transplantation took place in China in 2006, however, the guy requested for the surgery to be reversed as he endured severe physiological trauma.  On a positive note, the other guys were left happy!

Some men can give themselves blowjobs

So, maybe surprisingly some men are actually flexible enough to pleasure themselves orally. (You can’t deny you’ve never tried it!) Research shows one in 400 men are able to reach their manhood with their mouth. Feeling lost for words? I think it’s time to come to a (happy) end of these penis facts!

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