How does a Lingam Massage help?

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When the hustle and bustle of city life gets too much, lean your head on a lingam massage session

There is a strong link between employment and the mental health of men, with a large number of males expressing stresses, anxieties and added pressures imposed on them due to their career. However, the weight of masking these feelings and suppressing how they feel is often due to toxic masculinity and the common view that they should simply “man up.” Many guys are scared to ask for help and in moments of despair or isolation, they often find it hard to find a release to these negative feelings, resulting in over drinking, substance abuse and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 

Here at London Pleasure Parlour, we offer men going through these feelings a chance to escape reality and use a little helping hand to feel better through our relaxing and relieving sensual massage services. One massage service that has become increasingly popular amongst our customers is the lingam massage, an ancient and unique style of therapy that is centred around the penis. However, although this massage style is very intimate due to the close contact with the male genitals, its main purpose is not sexual satisfaction but a spiritual awakening. This awakening can be highly useful and beneficial to your life if you are struggling, helping you to see and think clearer and obtain a healthier lifestyle altogether.

Everything you need to know about a Lingam massage….

Lingam massage therapy derives from the art of Tantra and is a sacred style of sensual massage therapy. Like other Tantra massages, lingam requires the masseuse and recipient to form a deep connection and trust with one another. It is also important they both participants connect with the “universal sexual chi” and the energy which they possess so that the customer can reap the full potential that a lingam massage has to offer.

Many people might think that a lingam massage is just a glorified way to describe hand relief, but once you understand how Tantra works, it will be very clear that it is much more than sexual relief. During a Lingam massage session, the masseuse will treat the penis with the utmost respect and honour, being mindful and throughout in her movements and listening to the needs and desires of the customer.  It is not designed with the ultimate outcome of reaching climax at the end, but to teach you to perform selfless pleasure on your partner. 

This massage style is dedicated to honouring men and their bodies, helping them reach new levels of pleasure and through stimulation and circulation of  sexual energy and “chi.” Unlike standard hand relief, the masseuse will also use various other techniques, stroking and caressing areas such as the testicles, perineum and in some cases, the prostate gland. However it is the shaft that is given special treatment, and in lingam massage therapy it is known as the Sanskrit translation of lingam, “wand of light.” 

It is important to remember that as skilled and knowledgeable the masseuse may be about lingam massage therapy and the world of Tantra, the recipient must believe and trust I the true power of lingam massage therapy for it to serve its full purpose. You should allow the therapist to treat your body like a temple and acknowledge the pleasure your mind, body and soul can experience through this beautiful form of meditation. 

Lingam massage helps with mental health 

Like other forms of massage, lingam massage is based around awakening the soul and making you feel better. It gives you a chance to zone out from the busy world and focus on how you are feeling inside. The masseuse will always ensure you have a relaxing experience that will stay with you long after you leave the parlour doors. Anytime you are feeling stressed, upset, sad or down, our masseuses will help pick you back up. 

Do you want to book a Lingam massage? 

Here at London Pleasure Parlour, it is very easy to book an appointment with us and you can do so by contacting us via SMS, landline or by email. We are open daily from 10 am until 3 am, offering lingam massages and other sensual/erotic services to our customers for both incall and outcall visits. 

Our main incall locations are based in Marylebone, Liverpool Street, Seven Sisters, Bayswater, Covent Garden, Canary Wharf and South Kensington. All of our massage parlours are situated in discreet but easy to find locations that are well connected to local transport links such as the underground, overground and buses. If you are coming from outside of the city to visit London, there are cheap hotels close to all of our locations for you to book in at. 

Our beautiful masseuses are all professionally trained and highly skilled, offering a wide range of services for you to choose from. Hailing from Korea, China and Japan, you can visit our masseuse’s gallery to view pictures of each of our oriental beauties.

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