Get the 411 on Four Hands massage therapy

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You heard it here first – 4 Hands Massage

At London Pleasure Parlour we offer our customers a luxurious and truly unique Four Hands massage London experience that helps you rewind, re-energise and relieve. Originating from Ayurveda tradition, it is said to be used to help balance the energies within the mind, body and soul. Two masseuses will work in a synchronized motion across your body, one therapist taking the lead while the other one follows, creating a perfect harmony of long strokes, caresses and rubs. 

Although “Four Hands” massage therapy uses many of the same techniques and methods as a massage session performed by a single masseuse, it does have some differences that might be useful for you to know about…

Here are some useful things you should know about a “Four Hands” massage treatment as told by some of our regular clients:

Jonathan, 32 – “A Four Hands massage is certainly much more relaxing than your more traditional styled massage service. The extra set of hands means more parts of your body are being seen too and before you know it you are in a trance of relaxation. I usually request the masseuses to work on the same area of my body at the same time to relieve any tension or muscle pain as I find it works best that way for me. I enjoy having my whole body massaged and rubbed before they begin to provide me with hand relief at the same time. Although there are two masseuses as opposed to one, it usually takes a little longer because the two ladies have to communicate and like to take things slowly. However, this means I get more time to enjoy all that an Asian four hands massage has to offer. Every time I leave my session I feel calmer and a whole lot more soothed. Not only does it feel incredible for my body but my mind feels clearer and it helps me control any feelings of anxiety or stress that creep up. If you are looking for a relaxing experience with a kick, you should try an Asian four hands massage in central London.”

Hassan, 25 – “Four Hands massage therapy is quite hard to get your head around when you first start to get them as you wonder how the masseuses work in such a strict synchronized motion and what move they will make next. However, you know you have gone to a 5* Asian massage company when you can’t tell what masseuse is leading the other. Very quickly after your session begins your mind will stop trying to make sense of the ins and outs of a four hands massage because you will be transported into a state of relaxation and orgasmic bliss. I enjoy it when the therapists take different parts of my body but use the same rhythm and techniques. One lady might be rubbing my shoulders in slow and steady motion while the other is rubbing my penis, their movements mirroring one another. My orgasms are always a lot more intense when I have a four hands massage and it has helped me to last longer too.”

If you are based in central London or the surrounding areas and would like to experience our Four Hands massage experience then why not visit us today? Our massage parlour doors are open from 10 am until 3 am daily, providing our customers with a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and a moment of relaxation. When our customers are feeling more stressed than usual or are in the mood for a more intense and pleasurable session, we always suggest having a “Four Hands” massage. We always give you complete choice over what two masseuses you want for your massage and we have a wide range of masseuses to choose from. Our beautiful Asian therapists have been trained not only by us but as some of the most elite massage schools across China, Japan and Korea and have perfected their skills, giving them all a 5* rating. You can contact us via SMS, landline or by email to book an appointment. We also offer outcall services to many different areas of London, therefore if you would prefer for the masseuse to visit you in the comfort of your own you can book in advance.

London Pleasure Parlour 4 hands massage is what you want to book to have the best experience with two masseuses, that’s right not one but TWO. Book today by calling 02039165799

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