The do’s and don’ts of getting a Tantric massage

the do's and don'ts when getting a tantric massage london outcall

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Thinking of booking a Tantric massage but not sure of what etiquette to follow while enjoying the tantalising bodywork? Well don’t threat, Tantra therapists massage many erotic newbies on a daily basis and to ease yourself into your first session, we have enlisted the do’s and don’ts you should adhere to while having a Tantric massage. So kick back and enjoy the ride.


Do discuss what you want from the massage

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It’s simple if you don’t go into your Tantric massage with an idea of what you want it’ll probably be more of a flop than most Adam Sandler movies. Instead, take a look at our Tantric massage *service* page to get an idea for what you desire and what you want the outcome to be. At most parlours, Tantra therapy is available with both the happy ending and full-service package. A happy ending massage and hand relief, which full service also comprises of oral and penetration. Inform your therapist of your desired package and if you would like a romantic and passionate or raunchy and vigorous encounter.


Don’t let your bodily functions go wild

Though we do encourage you to kick back and relax and enjoy the wonders of Tantric massage, do try and not let your bodily functions go wild. Tantra is a super spiritual, intimate and romantic experience – the last thing a Tantric therapist wants to be doing is enduring your smelly farts. Please note, there’s plenty of private bathrooms at Tantra parlours where you can empty your bowels beforehand.


Do inform the therapist if you’re enjoying something

While minimal communication is key to enjoy the fine relaxation Tantric massage provides, do make an effort to inform your masseuse if you are super loving a particular stroke or not so keen on another technique. Tantra therapists are wonder workers at moulding the session to suit your particular preferences, which they can quickly adapt to while the massage is taking place.


Don’t fall asleep

Of course, a teasing and tantalising Tantric session is super unwinding, allowing you to switch off from all of your daily grinds and stresses. While it might be tempting, please try not to fall asleep. Close your eyes and allow your mind to indulge in every stroke one by one, as you immerse yourself into a seventh heaven serenity – but please don’t catch your zzz’s, you can do plenty of that when you return home!


Do ask her if you want to touch her in intimate places

A common question amongst clients booking their first Tantric massage is if they can touch the masseuse. Of course, we don’t expect clients to tie their hands behind their back throughout a whole Tantric massage encounter. But what we do ask is that you check with your therapist before starting to caress more intimate areas of her body. While most masseuses offer mutual touching as part of Tantric massage, it’s always respectful to seek her approval first.


Don’t arrive with just your bank card

While it might be slightly old fashioned, Tantric massage parlours only operate with cash payment only. So if you’re expecting to pay by card you’ll most likely be shown to the nearest cash machine, which will likely run into your allocated time slot. So yeah, it’s important to show up with the correct money before you proceed with your euphoric rubdown. As a guideline, Tantric happy ending sessions cost around £120 per hour, while Tantric full-service costs on average £40 extra. You can check the prices on the London Pleasure Parlour website or booking agents before your session.


Ready to book?

Now you’re all prepared, there’s only one thing left to do – go ahead and book your sublime Tantric massage city of London. Here at London Pleasure Parlour, we have proudly been wooing the gentlemen of London with our authentic, professional and seductive London Tantric massages all across the city for over a decade. Our stunning oriental therapists are available from 10 am to 3 am, seven days a week and boast the finest Tantra expertise you’ll find in London. If you’d like to book an incall or outcall, then call SMS or email our agency today 02039165799.  Let’s get Tantra-ing!

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