Does Tantric massage always have to be sexual?

Asian masseuse london parlour giving man a tantric massage tantric massage always have to be sexual?

Are all Tantric massage’s sexual?

Tantric massage has been a powerful form of bodyworks for more than 2000 years. Though it’s often known as an erotic service, the early purposes of Tantra couldn’t be any further from a sexual nature. In Ancient times, medicines were in short supply and were only accessible for the rich. Due to this, doctors and medically practitioners looked for natural remedies to heal the sick. They realised that when we are under the weather, Chi builds in the muscles causing us to become ill, tired and stressed. To make the individual heal the Chi ultimately had to be eliminated, one of the ways to do this was a slow and soothing massage. This also allowed the body, mind and soul to harmonise, which lead to better health and well-being.

Now centuries on, we are lucky enough to have copious medicines which help to relieve our aches and pains and prevents us from being sick, however, this hasn’t prevented the demand for Tantric massage. The Tantra bodywork has only flourished in popularity with many men enjoying the service at erotic massage parlours universally – but this begs the question is, does Tantric massage always have to be sexual?

Let’s get straight to the point – the answer is no. Though many believe Tantric massage has become a code-word for sex, this really isn’t the case at all. In fact, Tantric massage doesn’t have to include any sexual elements at all, but of course, it’s often welcomed.

Modern Tantra ideologies teach us that the male body is a temple and should be worshipped – one of the ways to do this is a massage. To pay the respect the male form deserves the bodywork is performed with both the therapist and the receiver naked. So you’re probably wondering why Tantric massage often (but not always) includes the stimulation of the erogenous zones? Well, further Tantric teachings show that the Lingam (penis) is a wand of light and is the most sacred spot of the male body. Due to this, Tantra’s main focus is based around the Lingam.

So I know what you’re thinking, Tantra is just a quick massage followed by a handjob? Well no, you are wrong. To perform a Tantric massage, the therapist rubs the receiver in oil and commences with a euphoric full body massage. Once the whole physique is relaxed they’ll start to pay attention to the erogenous zones. The strokes performed on the private areas are MUCH more advanced than a handjob. Tantric therapists are trained in more than 500 techniques which include cupping, stroking and jerking the lingam. And while this may stimulate powerful ejaculation, this isn’t its sole purpose – but is instead to pay respect to the wonderful male form.

To intensify the pleasure and delay the climax, the masseuses use a specialist technique known as edging, which involves the masseuse removing her hands from sensitive points just before climax and repeating the process. If you were to orgasm from Tantric massage, edging promises to make it the most powerful one yet.

Believe it or not, it’s extremely offensive to say Tantric massage is a PG way of getting your bedroom needs fulfilled. Just like its origins, Tantra is still used for its health and wellbeing benefits. In modern practice, doctors and practitioners have recognised that Tantric massage relieves aches and pains, eliminates stresses and can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. It’s also been proven to help a range of sexual problems, including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and poor sexual stamina. Many people often seek Tantric massage as a complementary or alternative treatment to ease symptoms. To tarnish Tantric massage clients as those who want a quick sexual fix is extremely rude.

Of course, Tantric massage city of London will always be surrounded by erotic ideologies – but that doesn’t mean it always has to be sexual. It’s relaxing, it’s unwinding and sensational – and is ready for you to try today! If you want to be teased and tantalised by our soothing services then please call the London Pleasure Parlour agency who have a delicious mix of Oriental therapists who are experts in the field of Tantra. With opening hours between 10am to 3am, seven days a week they are ready to showcase their jaw-dropping talents whenever you need it the most, for both incall and outcall Tantric massage London bookings. They are just one call away to make your day…

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