The beginning to the end of your Sensual Massage

woman in her underwear beginning to the end of a sensual massage London

You are in for a treat!


For many of you, the idea of receiving a sensual massage can be a scary and daunting one. Studies have revealed the main reason so many men in the U.K are afraid to try one is simply because they do not know enough information about them. As a nation we have quite sceptical views on erotic or sensual massages, therefore it can be seen as taboo to discuss them, meaning we are left in the dark about so many things we want to know.

So, if you find yourself in the bracket, interested but unsure… Let me enlighten you with my first ever sensual massage experience that I had earlier this year.

“At the beginning of 2018, when many people rant and rave about the ‘new year new me’ motive, I really knew I had to take this on board for real. My life was a mess, I was a mess and I wasn’t happy in so many ways. I had just got out of a long term relationship with someone who meant a lot to me and it was my fault. I had overworked myself, putting my career before people I cared about. I had neglected friendships, family members, my relationship, hobbies, my overall well-being and had become very lonely indeed.

I knew that I had to make 2018 different, a year where I felt happy in all aspects of my life. I went to a counsellor and their first suggestion was that I needed to slow down my pace and focus on myself, my body and my mind. This got me thinking about how I didn’t even remember the last time I got back from work at an early time or sat down to have my dinner, or even just enjoying a shower rather than quickly scrubbing myself and running off to work. My life was hectic and my mental health was suffering because of this.

I decided to try therapeutic massage therapy to calm me down and allow me to have that space and relaxation to reflect on myself and mind. It worked great at the beginning and I felt a positive shift in myself. However, after a while, it began to fade and I realised there was something missing from the therapy and that was a pleasure!

I had always been quite a giver. I constantly worked myself silly for my career, I felt bad for never being around for my girlfriend so I always put in extra work in the bedroom resulting in me receiving minimum pleasure. So, I decided to visit an Asian erotic massage parlour that was based in central London to seek both relaxation and pleasure. I was very nervous about this as I had never done this before and it had been quite some time since I had been intimate with someone other than my ex-girlfriend.

When I got to the massage parlour I was greeted with a very warm and kind welcome. The receptionist handed me a brochure with a list of the services they provide, along with pictures and descriptions of each of the masseuses they had working that day. It is safe to say that I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. The masseuses were all very beautiful and were trained to the highest of levels at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across Asia.

I decided to pick a beautiful Japanese masseuse called Paige who was 24. She guided me into the room with a warm smile and asked me what service I would like her to perform. I opted for the sensual massage as I wanted it to be similar to the therapeutic massages that I had been having with the addition of a happy ending massage.

The lighting in the room was dimmed with scented candles lighting it up and creating a sweet and soothing aroma. The bed was clean with crisp white, fresh sheets. Paige began to undress me slowly, making me very aware of my breathing. She then began to undress, revealing a slim and petite frame. She was so stunning. She then guided me onto the bed, slowly pouring oils onto my back and gently caressing them in. She was reaching all my areas of pain, and working on areas that I was not aware even had tension in them until I felt them flowing out of my body. This was highly relaxing and I felt oh so Zen. My mind began to drift off as she rubbed and touched all over my body with her majestic way. I hadn’t felt that peaceful in years. I felt so at one, undisturbed and free from the reality of life.

She then turned me onto my back and lay on the bed beside me. Paige stroked her tiny fingers up and down my torso, each time creeping a little closer to my penis. Naturally, I became very aroused by this intimate touching. She then massaged my penis until I eventually climaxed, it felt amazing.

So, if you were contemplating whether to get a Sensual massage Central London or not, then I hope this convinces you to go go go!

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