Spice up your sexlife with a sensual massage

Spice up your sex life with sensual massage asian masseuse giving man a sensual massage

Why not spice your sex life up right now?

Let’s be honest, sex is the key to a healthy and happy life. While we all love sex, sometimes it can be difficult to get laid. Maybe you find yourself constantly working, too awkward to pull a girl at the bar or find yourself in a sexless relationship. If you’re struggling to indulge yourself in the nookie then we’re here to help you out. Gentlemen, let us introduce you to a sensual massage.

What is a sensual massage?

Sensual massage is essentially a Swedish massage with the naughtiest of twists. With this delicious bodywork, nothing is off limits – and when we say nothing, we mean nothing.  A sensual massage will commence with you and your therapist getting naked (unless you request otherwise) she will then proceed to position you on your front, before lathering oil into your upper back, neck and shoulders. She will tease and tantalise every inch of your bare-skin and then navigate you onto your back to work on the erogenous zones. What comes next is when the magic really happens, allow her to stroke, caress and trail along your manhood as she works you up to the finest level of euphoria. Whether you want to end the heavenly service with hand relief (happy ending package) or oral and penetration (full-service package) is entirely your choice. However, as this post is all about sex then, of course, we advise the full service.

Why should I get a sensual massage?

From entering a sensual massage parlour to leaving, the whole experience is super luxurious. If you’re lacking on the sexy time then there’s no better way to solve this than a seductive sensual massage – and here’s why.

You get raunchy with the girl of your dreams

Life is too short for getting down and dirty with people you don’t fancy. However, with a sensual massage, you’re always promised the finest selection of therapists which are guaranteed to make you weak at the knees before the massage has even begun. Due to their nature of the erotic industry, most masseuses are former models and beauty queens in their native countries of China, Japan and Korea. Whether you have an appetite for a glamour girl, a petite pocket rocket or a leggy brunette then the sensual massage parlours have it covered. And it just gets better, as well as being insanely good looking these therapists are wonderworkers when it comes to the art of seduction too. Sensual therapists have undergone intense Tantra training courses in which they have perfected their orgasmic talents. Therefore, it’s a given these girls are going to give you the ride of your life.

It can be tailored to your tantalising taste buds

The beauty of sensual massage is that it can be tailored to just how you like it. Sensual masseuses recognise that every gentleman has different preferences when it comes to what drives them wild in the bedroom, therefore they suggest that all clients discuss their desires at the beginning of the session. They’ll then take the opportunity to mould the massage to suit you. Whether you want a slow and sophisticated or a pulse-racing and passionate encounter then a sensual massage has it covered.  And the fun doesn’t stop there, sensual massage and naughty extras are a better combination than Ant and Dec. So if you want to include some French kissing, roleplay or S&M into your session then never be afraid to ask.

Sensual massages build you into the most powerful orgasm

Worried that getting jiggy with a gorgeous goddess means you’re only going to last 30 seconds? Well stop, sensual masseuses are experts at delaying the orgasm which intensifies the pleasure. They do this by using a specialist skill known as edging. To conduct edging, the therapist stimulates your manhood until you reach a maximum state of arousal. Before you reach a point of no return, she will manoeuvre her strokes to a less sensitive zone and then repeating the process.  This builds you into a powerful flurry of orgasms, which will make your whole body and mind enter a complete euphoric frenzy.

There’s zero hassle

Fed up of the girl you pulled on Saturday night sliding into your DMs after you’ve already told her you’re not interested? Well, instead of pulling averages girls in the clubs out in town why not opt for a hot sensual therapist? It’s less hassle and certainly is an upgrade! Sensual masseuses are there to give you a five-star passionate experience, not to be your girlfriend. Once your massage is over all of your booking information will be instantly erased, you can leave feeling to rest assured that your naughty little secret is safe with the masseuse. You can then do whatever your heart desires for the rest of the day.

Book a sensual massage

Want to take your non-existent sex-life to the spiciest ones of them all? Then look no further than a sensual massage Central London, which is offered at the London Pleasure Parlour for as little as £120. The parlours are super lavish and kitted out with everything you need to make your sensual massage is extra special, including walk-in showers, king-sized beds and mood lighting. Outcall is also available across Central London for a small extra charge. We can’t to body shake you into serenity with this sexy service!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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