Can a sensual massage make you a better lover?

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Let’s face it as much as we might enjoy having sex, it’s hard to know if we’re actually any good at it. There’s no class to take in high school that teaches you to be a good lover and there’s no lover that will honestly tell you if you’re not doing so hot.

I mean the likely hood is you’re probably alright. You can think to yourself, hey I’ve had no complaints yet, so what’s the problem?

The problem is, if you were ‘alright’ at football and you wanted to make the premiership league- you would practice. But sex isn’t like training; it can be awkward and embarrassing to start messing around with your partner and get it wrong, it can ruin the mood and leave you feeling defeated.

You could watch porn and get ideas from that but we all know that stuff is staged and you can never be sure whether a girl is screaming her head off from an amazing orgasm or because she’s a damn fine actress.  The problem with the world of easy access porn is that although porn can turn us on, it disconnects us from each other. A sensual massage will allow you to rediscover your oxytocin and help you learn to connect sexually with a person. Reconnecting with intimacy is crucial to sustaining a loving relationship if you have found yourself addicted to porn and unable to satisfy a sexual partner you shouldn’t be surprised if the two things are related.

But fear not, you don’t need to write off ever becoming a better lover, its simple- go visit an expert.  A trip to a sensual massage parlour might seem a strange suggestion, something you wouldn’t do but I urge you to throw away any misconceptions you might have and think logically.

An erotic masseuse is a sexual expert. Their job is to satisfy your sensual needs. During a sensual massage, your masseuse will teach you how through this traditional oriental massage you can satisfy every part of the body and mind.

Oriental massages aren’t the taboo you might consider them to be. In fact, they are an archaic style of massage therapy that has been practised for centuries to combine sensuality and tantric massage with gradual sexual stimulation.

A large problem with typical sexual behaviour is that we do not consider how much of a positive impact is slow, taking our time, making sure our partner is completely relaxed before initiating sex. What you will learn by getting a sensual massage is how much more sexually gratified you will feel once your body and mind are completely clear of stress and you are at a point of complete relaxation.

The unique experience of a sensual massage is that the masseuse will tailor the experience to each of their client’s specific needs, so if you want her to talk you through step by step what she is doing so you can learn in detail about different techniques, she will.

Consider your masseuse as your teacher. There’s nothing embarrassing about learning from a sexual expert. You will be in an open space where you can comfortably experiment with your sexual self without fear of judgement.

After the massage you will not only feel great but you will be sexually enlightened. Afterwards, you will feel confident, stress-free and sexually satisfied.

A sensual massage though is not only a gift for yourself but a gift to your sexual partners. You cannot have a sensual massage and learn nothing.

Your masseuse will offer you a range of toe-curling massage techniques that will warm up your muscles and calm your mind. She will, in tactful strokes, caress your erogenous spots leaving you feeling aroused. She will build on this until you are at a point of complete ecstasy and you can choose to end on a happy ending or full service.  Ultimately, whichever package you choose to end on, it is the build-up to the point of orgasm that will open your eyes top how magic sex can be.

After a sensual massage, you will never settle for a quickie ever again. You will be the jack of the trade, knowing where to touch, how much pressure, how little pressure… After a trip to the love doctor, you will have girls screaming at your feet. With our Sensual Massage Central London Services

So if you’re willing to take the plunge, re-discover how amazing sex can be, check out London Pleasure Parlour and book the right massage for you.

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