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First time Frank? We’re here to help.

An online forum set up by men to help men. It all started when our founder Eddie had a thought one day. Eddie was watching a TV show where a girl and a guy has sex for the first time, in the show the male character was leading the way. This made Eddie think, why is it men always have to lead and women follow? Why are men expected to always make the first move? And this isn’t just in regards to sex, in everything. From knowing how the remote control works to be able to build the table set from Ikea. But who teaches men these things? No-one teaches men to kiss and yet we expect them to make the first move! It doesn’t make sense. And women talk about this stuff way more than men ever do, they practise kissing, they talk about things… boys tend to pretend they already know everything there is to know, they put up a front a face. Eddie understands this; of course, he grew up once too! But he figured out a way to support other men. And that… is how First Time Frank was born. A forum for men to ask about something they haven’t done before, for men to share their stories. A forum for men to share their first times in the hope of helping men who are yet to have theirs. Make sense? Good. Welcome.

This week we are discussing ‘Sensual Massage’. Earlier in the week, we posted a call out on our social media pages for stories about getting a sensual massage for the first time. We hoped in doing so we could open a discussion about how men feel about getting an erotic massage, before and after and whether they would truly recommend it to other men. I was inundated with messages! (So thanks for that.) I will post some of them here and will leave a comment box below for anyone that would like to share.

First Time Frank’s Sensual Massage First Timers…

Keith, 32, London.

The first time I got a sensual massage was with my brother. He had been serving and was back home for a couple of weeks. I was 19 and always had looked up to my big brother. When he suggested going to get massages I freaked. I had never even slept with a girl before, I mean I’d done stuff but not gone the whole way. I was too embarrassed to tell my brother that cuz he was a proper ladies man, always had been- but at the same time, I was worried the experience would scar me in some way, you know mess me up like.  Frankly, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Your first time is always going to be uncomfortable, you- being the lad like- you’re supposed to take the lead- and why is that when you have no idea how to do things right? Going to a masseuse was the best thing I ever did. The lady I got was a beautiful oriental woman who was experienced and sexy. She totally took control and made me feel relaxed and aroused. She taught me things most men never get taught and she helped me understand my own body in a way no other woman I have ever met has. Afterwards, I confessed to my brother that it had been my first time and I remember, he said ‘I know buddy, why else do you think I brought you?’ He took me because he knew it was better to be shown the ropes so that when I did bag a girl I liked I’d be able to treat her right. He was clever like that my brother. He died in action a year later but I’ll never forget that evening. And I think his lesson paid off, I met my beautiful wife in 2003 and she told me I was the best lover she had ever had- reaches above the rest.

Sam, 42, Gloucester.

The first time I got a sensual massage was after a breakup. I know right, classic story.  But hear me out. This isn’t your average story. This is a warning to anyone else out there that is going for a massage. Even if you’re nervous  DO NOT and I mean it does not have a drink before you go. You wouldn’t get drunk and then sit on a coach for six hours…why? Because you’ll be dying for a piss and you’ll get car sick. It’s the same thing when you go for a massage. I went absolutely leathered and as soon as I got in the room I realised how much of a mug I’d been. Getting a massage is a treat, it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable- because it is the masseuse’s job to make you feel good! You are paying for a service of pleasure and by getting pissed you’re doing yourself a disservice. I was getting massaged and couldn’t get to a nice relaxed state because I was dying for a wiz. Then I left to use the loo and by the time I got back I just felt dizzy, thirsty and a little sick. Luckily I had a real understanding masseuse that let me only pay half and we did the other half an hour another day when I was sober. That time was magic, absolutely magic.

Jessie, 55, Cardiff.

I’m sharing the story of my first time in the hope it’ll encourage other sad gets like myself to not bottle it and just go. My wife died when I was 47, it was a shock, it really was. We had two grown-up sons, one lives abroad and the other I see maybe once a month. After my wife passed I was on my own. I wasn’t interested in getting into another relationship. I needed time. That didn’t mean I wasn’t horny, of course, I was- a man has needs. But instead of going for a sensual massage I got into porn. Getting into porn is a really dark place to be. I spend years depressed jerking off to porn. I’d switch it on as soon as I got home, sitting in the dark on my own. It also messed up my relationships with women, I couldn’t see them in the same way and the thing with porn is that the more you watch the dirtier it’s got to be to get you aroused. I could barely look women in the eye never mind ask them out. Eventually, a friend intervened and told me to go to a parlour. This was 4 years after my wife passed and I was incredibly nervous. My massage was glorious and my masseuse was understanding. I felt so good after the massage I went home and cried for hours. It was like I finally allowed myself to grieve and the next morning I woke up a new man. If anyone resonates with this, honestly I urge you to go to a parlour. Don’t waste your time with porn, it’ll wreck your head.

This is just three men’s experiences. Your first time might be completely different, but I hope they give you some insight. And please please please comment below with your own stories. Let’s get a discussion going!

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