Curious about Prostate massages?

Asian erotic masseuse giving man a prostate massage in london marylebone outcall service

Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only one.

The numbers of both men and women who are interested in knowing more and trying prostate massages have increased significantly in 2018. In the past, anything to do with a man’s backside was often attached with being gay, or only women received the odd finger up the bum. Luckily, we live in a society and generation that are much more open and who love equality, therefore straight men are hopping on the prostate bandwagon now too.

Much of the popularity surrounding prostate massages are due to it mysterious and intriguing nature. As not many men have tried it with their partner and are too embarrassed or nervous to ask about it. Therefore, it upholds a secretive aura which only entices men to want to try it even more because hey, everyone loves dipping into the unknown (or the bum-hole for this matter). I interviewed a masseuse from one of the most popular and highest quality Asian massage parlours in London and asked her about prostate massages, which she responded “So many of my clients who previously shunned the thought of being the recipient of any sort of anal play have recently asked me about it. I have been doing prostate massages for around 5 years and for sure, my numbers have increased in the last year. This makes me happy as men don’t realise how it can help their health as well as being “.

Prostate massages open a whole new realm of pleasure and sexual satisfaction for males and their partners and you can learn a lot about your body when receiving one. Therefore, men should eliminate the mindset that it will make them less masculine or homosexual and start to embrace the positive things it can do for them. The only way to truly find out if you like it or are comfortable with it is by trying it. To help persuade you a little, and also to inform, educate and help you make up your mind, I have interviewed several men on their prostate massage experiences;

Brian, 26, North London I’d like to view myself as quite a manly and masculine bloke, your stereotypical gym-fanatic-rugby playing playboy who loves a night out sweet-talking the ladies. I’d heard of prostate massages before but only briefly, but it was always with negative and rude comments such as “it’s only for gay lads”. However, you do reach that point in life where your sex drive sort of hits the ground and the things that used to get you off simply don’t anymore. So, like any lad in need would do, I decided to visit a local Asian tantric massage parlour as I heard from several of the boys on my rugby team that they are Goddesses’ when it comes to anything sexual. I was slightly apprehensive about asking for a prostate massage as I was embarrassed, but to my delight, the masseuse offered me one to which I obliged. It was a surreal experience and all my senses were heightened to a completely new level of pleasure I didn’t even think my body would be capable of. The masseuse began by applying lube onto the outer-skin of my anus and gently swirled her finger round and round before slowly placing it inside. With her finger hooked, she got a little bit deeper with each movement. I felt so many sensations running through my anus that I didn’t even notice how firm and hard my penis was until I glanced down. Before I knew it a huge orgasm rushed throughout my whole body, primarily my anus area, and I let out a sigh of pleasurable relief. I can happily say this was hands down the most amazing experience of my life.

Tim, 22, Surrey The first time I tried a prostate massage I was very open to the idea and extremely eager to try t.  had heard my friends speak about how their girlfriends gave them one and I had watched porn online which featured prostate massages. The problem was – I didn’t have a girlfriend to try it with. Luckily, I had begun commuting from Surrey to London for a new job, and everyone knows that London has the best erotic massage parlours. I selected a masseuse who was s specialist in prostate massage as I wanted it done properly and to a high standard. The masseuse began by only using her finger and I felt myself edge closer and closer to climax when she suggested we used a sex toy. I was very open to this idea and I am happy I was as it pushed me over the edge and I was almost in convulsions as my orgasm was so good. My legs were shaking and I was short of breath. At this point, she took my penis in her hands and within under a minute I ejaculated as well, which brought back the sensations of my prostate massage. I often visit this massage parlour each month for this same service ad it gets better each time.

Amir, 38, Stoke-on-Trent I had prostate cancer in my early thirties and was very fortunate to get rid of it before it spread or made me very ill. The doctor would give me medical prostate massages, however, when I tried it with my wife in a sexual way I felt as if it was so much more beneficial and also felt so much better. It was very intimate and we had a great time trying something new, it definitely spiced up our bedroom time fun which was needed after my recovery.

Evidentially, prostate massages are hugely beneficial for both your health and sexual satisfaction. It is clear that it is something that should be enjoyed by all! As long as you do your research, prepare for it properly, take it slowly and use lubricant, you will have an amazing time. Book your prostate massage London today and experiment more, call now 02039165799

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