Can prostate massages prevent prostate cancer?

prostate massage in london soho can prevent prostate cancer

The prostate massage is something of a neglected part of sex, especially when it comes to straight men. It is treated as something of a taboo, mostly because it involves inserting a finger, or some similar-shaped object, into the rectum. This puts a lot of men off, for obvious reasons, but that means a lot of you are missing out on a pretty special explosion of pleasure. A prostate orgasm is totally unique, and can even be a way for men to achieve the elusive multiple orgasms. Here at London Pleasure Parlour you can receive a prostate massage from someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, which may be a good way to approach it if you’re a ‘prostate virgin’ who may be shy or unsure of how to ask for it from a partner.

But mind-blowing pleasure is not the only benefit of a prostate massage. It may seem strange, but it can actually help prevent prostate cancer. This is a big health problem for men, and can often go undiagnosed because of shyness from men who don’t wish to go to the doctor for an exam. But it’s a serious problem, around 13% of male Cancer deaths come from prostate cancer, with a particular risk for men over 70. So the prostate is neglected in the doctor’s office as well as the bedroom! You can help reduce your risk by avoiding processed foods and pollution, but a massage can be a great way to promote the healthy function of a prostate. Look out for symptoms like problems with urination, blood in the urine or pain, backaches, or painful ejaculation.

If the prostate becomes swollen (prostatitis), a massage is a great way to reduce inflammation and soothe the gland. Reducing swelling helps urinary health and can even improve sexual function. By releasing fluid through prostate massage it prevents painful build up which can lead to problems. It can also improve the overall function of the prostate, an essential part of the reproductive system. Like all of our massages, it improves sexual performance, and can even improve the effectiveness of antibiotics against prostatitis.

So if you’ve had random aches or pains, difficulty urinating, or sexual dysfunction, it’s important to see a doctor of course, but why not consider coming to us too? Our masseuses are used to helping clients with sexual dysfunction issues and none better than the prostate massage. Evidence links prostate stimulation with help in solving premature ejaculation and even erectile dysfunction. It’s easy to forget, but your reproductive organs aren’t just on the outside, even if that is where all the fun is!

Regular ejaculation is an essential part of maintaining the health of the male reproductive system. Prostate orgasm, in particular, relieves the prostate gland of built-up fluids which can cause pain and inflammation. Direct prostate stimulation drains fluid better than regular ejaculation, relieving pain and pressure on the surrounding organs. It’s not just the prostate either; studies link prostate massage with the alleviation of haemorrhoids and fissures.

It’s not the only way you can reduce your risk of prostate cancer! Doctors recommend drinking coffee for one, a study found that men who drank 6 or more cups of coffee a day had a 20 per cent reduction in their risk of developing prostate cancer. Foods that contain lycopene, such as tomatoes, watermelon, asparagus, and red cabbage have also been shown to prevent cancer. Frequent exercise – and orgasms! – can also help, as well as eating fatty acids.

Here at London Pleasure Parlour, we offer Prostate massage London services with the help of our oriental masseuses, there are many more massage parlour across London that will provide this type of service.

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