What’s all this talk about nuru gel?

woman recieving a asian nuru massage of a man in east london

If you’ve been hearing whispers about the amazing pleasurable benefits of Nuru gel but have no idea what is and what all the fuss is about- you’ve come to the right place.

Firstly Nuru gel isn’t new, like avocados and groomed beards, Nuru gel existed long before it was written about in glossy magazines.  ‘Nori’ a type of Japanese seaweed, simply translated to mean ‘slippery’ with its main ingredient being Nori, Nuru gel has been a fixture in Eastern bedrooms and massage parlours for a long time.  The incomparable silky, slippery texture of Nori seaweed is the perfect base for erotic massage oil.

Nuru gel is slippery to touch but leaves no residue, allowing for sexy foreplay and with less mess! The gel gives off a pleasurable heat sort of like various lube brands but unlike chemically made lube. Nuru gel contains all natural ingredients which make it a superior choice for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone who would rather not risk a bad skin reaction from a chemical based product.  Nuru gel is tasteless, transparent and guaranteed to transform any physical contact in to an exciting erotic experience

How to use Nuru gel to spice up sex…

So you’ve been online and bought some Nuru gel and now you wanna know what to do with it.

Although Nuru gel doesn’t stain it will make your sheets a bit wet. If you go to a massage parlour they will have specialist nuru beds but if you’re trying it at home you can just buy a nuru/ protector sheet online.

First off you will need to heat up the gel until it is a nice temperature, because no-one wants cold oil put on their skin!

Start slowly, pour a little bit of gel on you and your partner then have a play around. You’ll notice straight away how pleasurable the slick nature of the gel is when sliding against each-other.

Then once you’ve got a feel for it, pour a generous amount of the gel on to your partner; it’s probably better if they’re lying down so you can concentrate the oil on to as much of their body as possible.

Once applied, their body will be slippery to touch. Now graze your body against their oiled form, both bodies touching will create a sensual slip and slide motion, the heat off the oil and your naked bodies will leave you aroused and tingling.

Now is when the fun really starts.  Play around with it, experiment. The Nuru gel gives you a base for heightened sexual pleasure; it makes your skin feel slimy and sleek, allowing an added dimension to your foreplay.

If you are suffering from low libido or a case of sexual impotence Nuru gel might be the answer. It allows you to have a bit of fun and break stifled sexual routines.


What about Nuru massages?

If you’re interested in Nuru gel and want to try it for the first time or if you and your partner have had a mess around with it but you don’t feel like your quite using it to its full potential, the best way to experience Nuru gel would be by getting an Asian Nuru massage.

A Nuru massage is a popular exotic massage, available at any half decent exotic massage parlour. Your masseuse (Ideally go to an oriental parlour) will be expertly trained in handling Nuru gel and will give you a massage unlike anything you will have experienced before.  Imagine an Asian beauty dripping in Nuru gel masterfully slide and grind against your quivering naked body. She will demonstrate the most pleasure body to body contact you can have with Nuru gel, allowing you to lay back and relax; and experience intense sexual pleasure.  Even just one trip to a masseuse and you will know exactly why everyone’s going on about Nuru gel.

If you’re thinking of getting a nuru massage so you can get the full nuru gel experience and you happen to be in the London area then I’d recommend you check out London Pleasure Parlour for a guaranteed great service. You can thank me later.

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