This Valentine’s Day why not treat yourself or your partner to a Nuru massage?

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Valentine’s Day is a day, in fact, is a national holiday that is rooted in everything to do with love and sex. It’s the National Holiday of Getting It On and showing your love for that special person… So this Valentine’s why not treat it with the seriousness it deserves? This Valentine’s Day why not do something special, something different, something to get your sex drive to go into overdrive… Now I’m not talking about getting yourself some Viagra, I’m talking about getting your-self a Nuru massage.

Nuru massage has swept the nation by storm in recent years and is now considered to be the most exciting erotic massage style you can get in the UK. Originally created in Japan, Nuru massage certainly has that exotic oriental feel to it. First practised in the 1980s, Nuru massage came to be through the ingenious work of Miss Hamada, a world renowned erotic masseuse who lived and worked in Japan. Nuru massage derives its name from the base product of the massage; Nuru gel. The Nuru gel is an intriguing product that mostly consists of a rare Japanese Seaweed called ‘nori’. The sticky substance extracted from nori seaweed has the unusual texture of being both sticky and slippery at the same time. Originally used by wealthy Japanese town folk as a body scrub, Miss Hamada witnessed it in practice at a bathing pool and wondered whether it could be used to create a tantalising naked body to body massage. The reason Miss Hamada thought Nuru gel would make for an excellent erotic massage base is that of the slippery/sticky texture. The idea that when slathered over the naked body a masseuse would be able to easily grind up and down her client with ease as well as being able to compress her skin against their skin in an intensely pleasurable and intimate way seemed to good an opportunity to not try out!

And was Miss Hamada correct in thinking Nuru gel would be popular? Of course, she was! Not only popular but after its initial introduction in Japan and then subsequently spreading to other parts of Asia, nuru massages popularity grew so much that it is now, only some twenty five years later, it has landed in Britain and quickly became the most popular of all other erotic massage styles.

And what has become of Miss Hamada? Her whereabouts are currently unknown; her legacy lives on with her perhaps not even realising. Miss Hamada is to the erotic massage world what Rodriguez is to the world of music; an enigma, whose influence and impact on their field may be unknown to them.

But back to you; getting a Nuru massage isn’t your average erotic massage style and if you are yet to experience it I would thoroughly encourage you to fix that. What better day to celebrate getting a mind blowing erotic massage experience than on Valentine’s Day?

For those who will find themselves without a beau this Valentines, treating yourself to a Nuru massage will make for the perfect sexually exciting afternoon. If you’re the kind of person that could get kind of emotional, say you’re going through heartache, unrequited love, working your way through a breakup, missing a lost love- Valentines is a day that always brings hard feelings to the surface. Getting a more sensual and romantic erotic massage could evoke negative and sad feelings but the excellent thing about nuru is that is so thrilling, so naughty, so like anything you could have possibly tried before that you will be completely enthralled at the moment- there will not be a second for your head to get clouded with mixed feelings. If any massage style would support getting over an exit would be Nuru massage, hands down. You will see truly how exciting sexual pleasure can be. Nuru massage can work as a palette cleanser if you like.

Alternatively, if you are with a special someone this Valentine’s why not treat them to a Nuru massage. You will be able to purchase nuru gel online (the genuine stuff will set you back a bit but hey why not it’s Valentine’s Day!) Surprise them with a special Valentines romp- smother your partners naked body in the Japanese serum and then experience the marvellous sensation of grinding against each other, massaging each other and making love with the added delight of Nuru gel. – If you want to really impress I would advise going to see a nuru specialist prior to your Valentines surprise in order to get a well of helpful tips and useful massage stroke techniques, to really impress your partner.

And if you find yourself reading these post-Valentines, I’d still recommend you get yourself down to an erotic massage parlour near you to try Soapy Massage London. If the erotic massage industry had a Which Best Buy equivalent, Nuru Massage would be the 2019 winner- so, as my mum used to say- ‘ try it while it’s hot!’

Until next time, I have been your spiritual advisor and sexual life coach,

Adam C.

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