Why a nuru massage is the best thing to experience

man getting a nuru massage from woman in a london asian massage experience

Nuru – the most superior service to experience in an oriental massage parlour. The soothing bodywork can fulfil just about any need.  It can melt all your stresses away, feed your sexual cravings and relieve all of your aches and pains all in one session. Here is why everyone needs to experience a nuru massage.


You can start the experience with the shower

A nuru massage is hot and steamy from the get-go, with every client offered an assisted shower to begin the session. The shower not only cleanses your body and warms your muscles for the massage, but also allows you to get up, close and personal with your chosen gorgeous lady before the real magic starts.  Nothing will make your toes curl more than her stripping out of her petite lace underwear to join you for some soapy fun. Allow her to drizzle you in shower gel as she rubs every inch of you down. Soft towels will be on hand so she can dry your back (and front) for the next course of this rather delicious feast.


It uses an intense skin-to-skin contact

Compared to other sought adult massages, nuru massage is euphorically unique which makes it the ultimate service of them all. With nuru, no time is wasted with the generic massage strokes using the therapist hands and forearms. Instead, nuru is extremely tactile and is generally practised using the masseuse’s sexual organs – and yes, you guessed it – nuru is performed with the masseuse’s boobs and bum slipping and sliding from your less sensitive to most intimate areas of your body. The body-work is based upon intense skin-to-skin contact ensuring no area is missed. Sounds a massive turn on, right?


It uses a special Japanese gel

Due to the friction, a special Japanese gel encompassing of seaweed leaf elements is used to promise an orgasmic wet ‘n’ wild experience. The masseuse will warm the gel using her palms, before trailing it along her body and your physique. Allow her to gaze into your hungry eyes as she seeks the go-ahead to slip and slide her flawless features all over you. The special gel super intensifies the blissful sensations of the strokes and is guaranteed to take you to the highest possible state of arousal. Nuru at London Pleasure Parlour promises you to be weak at the knees and shaking with pleasure.


You can have nuru with the full service

Having a nuru massage without the full service is like having a banquet without dessert. In other words, you need to sample nuru full service! Once she’s slid over every area of your body she manoeuvres her soft physique down your chest to enter the erogenous zone. Here she will apply more gel before softly stroking, cupping and trailing across your manhood before engaging in a sweet suck. The whole sexual experience isn’t rushed – and ends with her sliding and grinding all over lingam. You’ll end with a flurry of powerful orgasms. The whole session is immensely sensational – you really need to try!


Get a nuru massage today

At London Pleasure Parlour we offer Soapy massage London service for incall and outcall. Pricing starts at £150 p/h for incall and £190 p/h for outcall. To book dial our 24 hour hotline and book your nuru encounter today. We promise it to be the best experience EVER.

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