Health benefits of a Nuru Massage

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A Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese massage technique that uses a thick, slippery gel applied all over the naked body. The gel is used to allow movement between the masseuse and client as she utilizes her curves to pleasure and arouses the customer. Although a Nuru massage is primarily for pleasure and sexual gratification, it surprisingly has many health benefits.

    1. Mental health – Like any other massage, the Nuru massage is highly relaxing and soothing. The calmness is a brilliant way to forget about all your worries and troubles and just live in the moment. We often become so caught up in our busy, hectic schedule and our mental health suffers from this. We become stressed and anxious and also distant from ourselves. A Nuru massage is a great way to have some you time and focus on how you are doing. By practising self-care, you become a better version of yourself and a better version for others to be around. You will radiate positivity and happiness.
    2. Anger issues – Due to the calm and relaxing nature of a Nuru massage, many clients have said that regular sessions really help with their anger issues. They are able to channel the peace they feel when they are in the middle of a Nuru session and this helps them control any feels of anger or rage. This doesn’t simply suppress their feelings but helps them lose any negative thoughts or behaviour.
    3. Good for your skin – The gel used for a Nuru massage which is known as “Nuru gel” or “Japanese gel” contains many highly healthy supplements of the highest quality such as grape seed extract and Nori seaweed. These are very powerful supplements and are hard to get a hold of. The gel is transparent and odourless therefore it is fine to use on sensitive skin. Many clients have said that Nuru gel makes their skin smooth and gives them a radiant glow which they did not have before. It has also said to help with problems such as dry skin, rashes and eczema. You will leave the massage parlour glowing with newly moisturized and supple skin.
    4. Confidence – Nuru massages are known for helping you gain confidence both mentally and physically. Many men are apprehensive about receiving a Nuru massage and the aspect of having to be fully naked in front of another person can be nerve-wracking. However, the masseuse will always make you feel at ease as she never passes judgment on the client. She will teach you to love and appreciate yourself and how you look and you will soon feel your insecurities fade away. Nuru massages help you to realise that everyone is different and beautiful in their own way.
    5. Muscle Pain – like any other massage, a Nuru massage works at relieving any tension or pain you may be experiencing in your muscles. The masseuse will use different parts of her body to knead out any pain, and the slippy nature of the Nuru gel will make this a lot easier.
    6. Helps release toxins – Nuru massage is the perfect way to help your body release toxins. It is a professional treatment and the masseuses are highly trained to use techniques to do so. The masseuse will also encourage you to drink plenty of water to flush out any remaining toxins.
    7. Performance in the bedroom – Nuru massages are for both men and women to experience and enjoy. It is very sexual and you will feel the power of erotic energy throughout the session. The soft strokes and calmness of the massage will allow you to control erectile dysfunction as well as problems such as premature ejaculation. Often the masseuse will allow you to orgasm and climax a number of times throughout the session.


  • Helps you explore your sexualityIf you are unsure of your sexuality and it is eating away at you, then a Nuru massage may be a great way to help you realise. It is highly sexual and is all about sexual energy rather than with a specific person or gender.


As you can see, a Nuru massage has so many health benefits for you both mentally and physically. It can help you become the best version of yourself and you will be happy beyond sexual gratification, but on a physical, mental and soulful level.


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