Am I a cheat for getting a Nuru massage?

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I am David (but you can call me Dave) a 48-year-old filmmaker from the East End. You could say I’m quite content in all aspects of life, but nearing the age of 50 and being married for bloody years my sex life has seen better days. Let’s just say I’m not the geezer that I once was!

I’d never cheat or leave my old girl Linda, I bloody love her with my whole heart. However, our relationship was definitely lacking something. On Friday I was down the local boozer with my mates when one shouted “eh Dave, wanna get yourself down to one of them Oriental parlours down London town. You’ll have a bloody lovely time.”

Of course, my ears perked up when he started telling me about these gorgeous Japanese birds with the big tits and amazing bums. I was sold and felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve. But then on returning home, I started thinking of my Linda – would an oriental massage be cheating?

My mind went into overdrive, with excitement and pre-guilt. Grabbing my laptop I started to see what others thought online and was immediately was put at ease. One woman wrote, “If I can go to the salon and get my hair and nails done, then why can’t my partner get an erotic massage?” Another man posted “Listen up boys, an oriental massage saved my marriage – you definitely should try!” I also read that more than 85 per cent of adult massage clientside married men. It was exactly what I wanted to hear and booked myself into a Baker Street parlour the next day.

I didn’t tell my Linda anything – but in hindsight, I should have done – after all, it’s not cheating, is it? I made my way to the parlour, where I was greeted by three young sexy Oriental birds – they looked like they’d been carved by angels. It was left to me who I chose for my session and of course, I went for the one with the biggest boobs who happened to be called Sumi.

Sumi guided me to our own private room where she explained the massage styles to me. I was immediately hooked on Nuru, which I have learnt is a Japanese style of massage which uses special gel to make things hot and slippery! As you can tell, I don’t do things by halves.

Seeing my wedding ring, Sumi was very respectful and asked my reason for coming to her parlour. “My sex life is just a bit in a rut at the moment,” I explained. I immediately saw Sumi’s face light up, in her sweet and endearing Chinese accent she replied: “I’ve helped saved so many marriages, you’re in for a treat.” Could this moment get any better?

Out of respect for Linda, Sumi undressed me to my comfort level throughout the Nuru experience. However, you can be fully naked from the get-go if you’re feeling extra naughty. She lathered my physique in Japanese oil and started to press her gorgeous assets all over her my body. I can’t even put into words how amazing it felt, I couldn’t get enough of her candy.

While she was massaging she started to teach me sensitive parts of the female body. She started to trail her luscious lips up and down my thigh and boy did it feel good. “Do this to your lady and you’ll win her over every time.” She then proceeded to talk dirty in my ear, which opens a whole new list of ideas to try in the bedroom. I immediately wanted to get my hands on my Linda and show off everything I’d been taught about seduction at the parlour.

But the best was yet to come. As she continued to tease she asked if I wanted a happy ending or full service. Originally I was going to opt for the happy ending package, the full service includes sex which must be cheating, right? However, Sumi gazed into my eyes and said: “I will give you the stamina of the porn star.”

Now, boys, you know how it is. If you’re nearing the age of 50 you probably aren’t the stallion you once were. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be happy if the business lasts five minutes these days. But one session with Sumi and my opinion completely changed.

So, yes, of course, I went for the full service and it was worth every penny. She had me in all sort of different positions (some I hadn’t ever tried before) and was sliding, jumping and grinding all over my manhood. I was more than worn out after! The best part about is that I was really able to discover what I enjoyed in the bedroom. I also learnt how to make the most of a sexy session and how to build an insanely amazing finish.

I’ll be honest; I didn’t want my massage with Sumi to end. But as she buttoned up my shirt she whispered in my ear “You must come back to us.” And of course, I took her word for it.

I had my first Nuru massage at London Pleasure Parlour about six months ago and have returned about three times since seeing different masseuses each time. Every time I learn more about the female body and new tricks of the trade. I always can’t wait to show them off to my Linda.

At home, our relationship has gone from strength to strength. It’s like someone has relighted the spark in our sex life – we have better sex than EVER before! And we have an amazing understanding of how to get each other going.

Regular visits to the London Pleasure Parlour is not all about the pleasure, it actually saved my marriage and has taken it from strength to strength. I see it as an essential element to relationship maintenance, well for me anyway!

I don’t discuss Nuru massage with my Linda, she probably doesn’t need the details of a hot twenty-something oriental girl rubbing her tits down my body. But it’s made me appreciate her like never before and has grown our bond into something so beautiful.

So if you call a Nuru massage cheating, you’re definitely insane. I couldn’t recommend it enough to all middle-aged married men. Why not book your Soapy massage London today!

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