Losing my virginity through a Lingam massage was the best thing I ever did

asian masseuse giving a man a lingam massage through losing a virginity

University College London student Daniel Evans shares his experience of doing the first-time deed at an erotic massage parlour. AND he has no regrets…

Studying to be a doctor has always been at the forefront of my priorities. Although I certainly didn’t have time for a relationship, I did realise I was ready for sex at the age of 22.

However, where was I going to find a lady? Getting boozed up and having one night stands certainly weren’t my thing and casually dating on Tinder wasn’t something I was into either.  This was harder than first thought – I was at a halt, even though I was SOOOO sexually frustrated.

A few months later, I was strolling around the streets of Marylebone where I saw billboard advertising adult massage, the advert looked welcoming to massaging first-timers and therefore I had a brainwave. Why don’t I introduce myself to the world of sex by erotic massage? Of course, I was a little nervous but as a 22 year old horny male, I knew I was more ready than ever before.

I rang the parlour number, where I spoke to what seemed like a young Asian lady. “You want massage?” she asked in a friendly manner. At the click of the finger, the massage was booked – it was time to prepare.

I jumped in the shower, put on some fresh clothes and coated myself in aftershave (because I suppose that’s what all males do when they’re about to lose their v-plates) I then ordered a taxi and made my way there.

The parlour was in the heart of Baker St, but you’d never have guessed it to be an erotic massage salon. There was no stop sign, instead, it was disguised as a luxurious penthouse suite in the whitewashed terraces. Anyone walking by would have presumed I was visiting a rich friend or family member, something I was totally cool with.

I buzzed the parlour doors and was greeted by a hostess with the mostess called Candy. She was wearing nothing, but a sultry red lace one-piece. “Come in” she whispered, as she gently grabbed my hand and invited me to meet the masseuses. Big-breasted beauties, legs 11 babes and petite pocket-rockets stood right before my very eyes. As a virgin, I’d never seen anything like that – this parlour was definitely an adult Disneyland.

Candy handed me a glass of champagne as she chatted through the delicious amount of services. I was immediately drawn to lingam, which cut the bulls*** out and was essentially a penis massage. I decided to opt for this with the full service package, which provided the added elements of oral and penetration. Though it was a lot to take in, I took comfort in knowing these girls massage first-timers on a daily basis, I didn’t feel phased by it at all.

A gorgeous Japanese girl called Suki guided me to her treatment room, which was fit for any king. Lavish king-sized bed, spacious walk-in shower and more candles than a birthday cake – this was a different vibe from the student halls I’d been used to.

Many people often describe their first time as being awkward and rushed, I immediately knew this not to be the case for my experience. Suki probably could sense my nerves, so took control of the session. She undressed me out of my clothes one by one and started to sweetly caress my neck, back and shoulders. The time was definitely not of the essence.

I immediately felt relaxation run through the veins of my body, all I had to do was lie back and enjoy the pleasure. This is something that certainly wouldn’t happen in a normal encounter. Suki then sought a nod of approval before reaching in my pants, I took a deep breath as I knew I was ready.

Nothing prepared me for the euphoria that was to come. She stroked, licked and jerked my penis, as my toe curls, my body shook and my pulse raced. Some people struggle to do the deed for the first time as their nerves cause their penis to shrivel with shyness.  But this definitely wasn’t the case for me – I was harder than a rock and ready for the ride of my life.

And I’m pleased to say I lasted MUCH longer than 30 seconds too. Erotic masseuses use a special technique known as edging, which means when you are reaching a point of ejaculation they change up the position and repeat the process. This not only makes the sex duration a whole lot longer but builds you to the most mesmerising explosion of your life. And booooy, this put my head into a complete heavenly frenzy. I felt sexually liberated, I wasn’t a virgin anymore!

Losing my virginity through Lingam massage ensured my first time was romantic, passionate and adventurous – it was a far cry from the awkward scenes you see in the movies. If you want to follow my lead and kick-start your sex journey with Lingam massage then call the London Pleasure Parlour on 02039165799

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