Have you ever heard of a Lingam Massage?

man recieving a lingam massage in London parlour

Not many of you may have heard of the term “lingam massage”, so to put it simply, it is an erotic penis massage that will leave you fully satisfied. The word “lingam” is a Sanskrit word literally meaning penis and in tantric massage rituals this male sex organ is valued and worshipped.  Although a tantric lingam massage will certainly make you orgasm, which is not the aim. The aim is to take the man on a journey of self-discovery and pleasure, making every single part of the massage as enjoyable as the next. It encourages you to take time to enjoy the present and ultimately, this makes the ending (orgasm) a whole lot longer and intense. A penis is an organ that is made up of so many different parts that all have varying levels of sensation and require different levels of attention. So what is the anatomy of the dick? What bit should and shouldn’t I be touching? Or licking? Or sucking? Luckily for you, I have compiled together all of the answers to help you give the perfect lingam massage to your man or to show your girl how to do it right.

What parts do I need to touch during a lingam massage?

The penis/Shaft: It is clear when a male is aroused as all their blood vessels fill up with blood, making their penis firm and hard and a whole lot bigger. This makes it very easy for you to rub your hands up and down, relaxing them and helping to bring them to climax. Apply some lubricant on their shaft gently and begin to slowly and steadily slide your hands up and down.

The head/glans: This part of the penis probably has the most sensitivity as all of the nerve endings are based here. Having a massage directly on the head can be too much for some men as it can be very intense; therefore you need to be cautious and take it slow. Therefore, always ask your man first how he feels about it and then test the waters. Many men find a lot of pleasure when the tip of his penis is kissed, sucked or licked. You can use your tongue to swirl around the edges of his head and it will shock him how good it feels.

Foreskin: The thin layer of skin that surrounds the head of the penis is known as the foreskin. However, many men have had it surgically removed for medical or religious reasons, therefore, you will not always have to deal with it. There is a lot of pleasure that can be brought through moving the foreskin up and down slowly and gently, particularly if there is lube involved. The skin massages the head of the penis, bringing rushes of pleasure up through the shaft.

Scrotum/balls: Some may say the scrotum’s main function is to perfect the testicles, but I think it is pleasure! When massaged gently and lightly, attention to the scrotum can bring a lot of pleasure to a male. You can even use your mouth and tongue to gently lick and kiss his balls to heighten his senses even more.

The testicles: These are the two glands that produce sperm, therefore they definitely need to be warmed up to help the man ejaculate. Hold them gently, a massage them with a very light pressure while moving your other hand up and down his shaft in a steady beat and before you know it his cum will be all over your hand, or in your mouth if you are feeling extra horny.

Lingam massages are certainly a massage type that worships the penis and gives it the love and attention it deserves. It should be highly relaxing, stimulating and pleasurable both mentally and physically. The long, patient and meaningful stroking and caressing of the penis will help the man feel liberated and give him the feeling of pleasure he is yearning for.

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