Lacking in confidence? Visit a massage parlour!

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When I finished university I felt like I had gained a lot; a good degree, good friends, good memories. I was quite happy with my achievements but there was one thing that I had not experienced that usually comes with the university experience, and that was sex. At age 22 I was still a virgin, and this was mainly due to my lack of confidence in my body and talking to females. I began to get worried at stressed as now that I had finished education, my social circles would get smaller and so would my opportunities to speak with girls. However, I had been advised by a friend that I should perhaps try one of the many oriental massage parlours in London. Luckily I was able to find a service that was suitable for me as a virgin, and not only did it help me pop my cherry but it also gave me so much confidence that was life-changing. Now, 5 years on, I am a totally different person. I am happy with who I am, I feel comfortable having sex and speaking to women, and I have even bagged myself a girlfriend. Here are my 5 reasons why a massage parlour can provide you with a confidence boost that you need;

  1. I can talk openly about sex 

    Many people feel embarrassed or ashamed to speak about sex openly. Since going to an erotic massage parlour a few times, I became more open about talking about sex and discussing it with people. Beforehand, I felt too awkward to as I thought it was something that was private or that I should keep to myself. Now I realise that sex is a completely natural act that all humans and animals, well most of us, participate in. Speaking of sex should be less taboo, and more DO!

  2. Discovering my sexual side

    I have become a lot more in touch with my sexual needs, wants and desires. Beforehand I didn’t really know my preferences and was not in touch with my sexual side, but now I know exactly what I want and this has made me so much more confident in bed. Going to the massage parlour you had to chose what service you wanted so I had t be vulnerable and let them know what I liked and any fetishes that I had. It has taught me that everyone likes different things when it comes to sex and that is okay.

  3. I am more open to trying new things

    It has made me a lot more open to trying new things that I was very sceptical or had negatives viewpoints towards. The idea of a prostate massage used to horrify me, but once I tried it I realised how good it actually felt and the major health benefits it has. Visiting a massage parlour for an erotic massage has made me so much more open-minded.

  4. Body confidence

    Since visiting a massage parlour it is amazing the amount of body confidence I have gained. The masseuses pass no judgement and accept you just as who you are. This mindset has made me feel comfortable in my own skin, and insecurities that I used to have such as my arms not having enough muscle or my penis not being big enough are no longer there. This confidence played a huge role in making my performance in bed better, nobody likes it when someone acts shy, and when I acted like I felt secure in myself it always turns women on way more. I wouldn’t have ended up with my girlfriend if it wasn’t for this.

  5. Asian girls are the best

    Of course,V everyone has their different tastes and types in women but I truly believe that Asian women are the best. All the oriental masseuses that I have been with not only made my session with them pleasing physically but they understood the importance of making it mentally enjoying too. They are very sensual and sexy and are all so beautiful, that is why I have a stunning Japanese girlfriend.


I am proud to say that erotic massages gave me the confidence boost in life that I needed. They made me a man who is not afraid to be open, try new things, love my own body and explore different cultures. I am lucky that there are so many oriental massage parlours around central London that allowed me to discover myself and build up my confidence and leave all my insecurities and negative views about myself. I am happy that I did not lose my virginity at university because I don’t think it would have made me the strong-minded, self-loving, sexual male that I am today.

London Pleasure Parlour – We are greatly honoured to have one of our clients write their experience of going to an erotic massage parlour for the first time and how it boosted their confidence and lifestyle. Here at London Pleasure Parlour we take our clients and place them in the most comfortable situation possible and enable them to release that bad confidence, relax and enjoy the best experience a man can aspire.

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