Incall vs outcall – which ones better?

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We are sure you will have a favourite…


If you’re an erotic massage regular or newbie to the service you probably are wondering which ones better – incall or outcall. While outcall allows you to kick back and relax as you book your session, incall gives you the opportunity to act spontaneous and visit the parlour on your lunch break or after a long day at the office. In this blog post, we have explored the pros and cons of both incall and outcall to finally decide which service is better. 


The pros

  • Pick your therapist in person. The biggest pro of incall is that you get to meet the masseuses beforehand. This allows you to get to build rapport with the therapists and indulge your eyes into their overwhelming beauty before cherry-picking your favourite for the massage. For outcall, clients can select their therapist from an online photo gallery which arguably isn’t as good as having the opportunity to pick in person.
  • Can be spontaneous. If you’re a gentleman about London town then incall massage can be a pretty spontaneous decision. With usual operational hours of 10am to 3am, seven days a week you usually have the chance to visit a massage parlour whenever your heart desires. Whether this being on your lunch break, to kick-start your day or after some evening drinks with some friends.
  • You don’t have to do the tidying up. With massage oil and other bodily fluids going everywhere, erotic massage can get a little messy. However, the beauty of incall massage is that you never have to do the tidying up. Most massage parlours have an in-house cleaning team who spruce up the treatment rooms between each client.

The cons

  • Not 100 per cent discreet. While massage parlours put precautions in place to make the establishment as discreet as possible (no shop front, subtle meeting points etc) they are never going to be going as discreet as outcall. This is because most massage parlours are found in the busy streets of London, so can never be fully shut off from the general public. 
  • Might hear disturbances. Massage parlours are busy places with clients coming and going every minute of the day. While you are always allocated your own private treatment room, you might be a little disturbed by other clients visiting the parlour for their massages. 
  • Potentially longer waiting times. Although many massage parlours do accept walk-ins, you can sometimes face a wait until the next masseuse becomes available. This is something which doesn’t happen during outcall, which allows you to select a preferred time slot.  


The pros

  • Beat the grinds of London traffic. The beauty of outcall is that it can be booked by the click of one button. The therapist will then make their way to the location of your own choice. This allows you to completely avoid the stresses of London traffic and the confusing tube system, as you can unwind and wait for their stunning arrival. 
  • No interruptions. With many hotels in London boasting sound-proofed walls, you are never going to be disturbed and interrupted during an outcall massage. Moan and groan as loud as you like, because the chances are no one is going to hear from you. 
  • Super discreet. If you’re seeking a discreet erotic massage, outcall is the best of the kind. The therapist will arrive at your location appropriately dressed and will never speak to concierge or your neighbours about the reason for being at your address. If you’re staying at a hotel then you needn’t leave your room, as your therapist will make the complete journey to you. 

The cons

  • More expensive. For obvious reasons, outcall does cost a little more than a massage within the parlour. However, if you factor in that it includes the masseuse’s transport fees and the time they have spent out of the parlour it really is a good value for money. 

Which one’s better? 

To conclude, we believe outcall massage has pipped the post and is in fact better than incall. As a super discreet, luxurious and safe service, it really is one for the bucket list. If you’d like to try a five-star erotic outcall massage then look no further than London Pleasure Parlour who cover all hotels, homes and office spaces in the Greater London area. Pricing starts from as little as £150 in Zone 1 and a little more in areas further afield. To find out more about the therapists, the services or even make a booking then call the English-speaking reception team today 02039165799

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