The myths and facts of a happy ending massage

asian masseuse in lingerie myths & facts of a happy massage london

If you regularly visit erotic parlours you’re sure to be familiar with the term happy ending massage. While the happy ending is super popular in the massaging world, the lines between the myths and facts are often hazy. So we’re here to set the record straight about everything you’ve always wanted to know about happy ending massage.

Only men can get a happy ending massage – Myth

Ok, so only men have penises so surely only they can have a happy ending massage? WRONG! Women can experience happy ending massage too, though it’s often referred to as a ‘Yoni massage’. Yoni usually focuses on the female erogenous zones in the clitoris, labia and vaginal opening to achieve stimulation. Most erotic massage parlours are either male or female-only, so it’s important you book the right one depending on your gender.

Happy ending massage relieves aches and pains – Fact

So you may think of a happy ending as a way of horny middle-aged men getting their sexual fixes. To an extent this is true. However, maybe surprisingly happy ending does have copious health benefits, one of these being it provides great pain relief. Massage stimulates the rush of endorphins which are informally known as the ‘body’s natural painkiller. Endorphins block the pain signal from entering the central nervous system – which ultimately eliminates aches and pains. Studies have also proven engaging in sexual activity can also help relieve pain.

Happy ending massage includes sex – Myth

Though happy ending massage is hugely sexual, it is a myth that it includes sex. Most happy ending massages commence with a soothing naked rubdown, using strokes derived from the traditional Swedish style. As the session progresses, the therapist will edge further down towards the erogenous zones, massaging the penis, balls and foreskin using her hands until the client is at a point of no return. Though a happy ending doesn’t include sex, there is the option to experience penetration if you opt for what is known as the full service.

Happy ending boosts your sexual stamina – Fact

Of course, with age, you’re probably not going to be to a young stallion that you once was. However, you needn’t worry, regular happy ending therapy can revive your sexual stamina – making you last longer than ever before in the bedroom! Happy ending allows you to greatly understand the functions of your penis and its limits, which helps self-control in achieving the most mind-blowing happy ending.   

A happy ending is just a glorified word for a handjob – Myth

One of the most frustrating myths of a happy ending is that it’s just a synonym for a handjob. Though it’s easy to see how they have similar traits, there is actually much more skill and depth to a happy ending bodywork. A good happy ending massage is never rushed, with the therapist using slow and soothing strokes to build intensity. They often brush, sweep and patter across your manhood, before transitioning to use faster and vigorous movements. A few seconds before you reach maximum arousal, the therapist manoeuvres her delicate fingertips to a less sensitive area of your body. This will be repeated more than once to stimulate the most euphoric warming release.

Happy ending almost always includes orgasm – Fact

The clue is probably in the name, the main focus of a happy ending massage is to achieve orgasm. Not only does orgasm feel damn good, it also helps to flush out waste products and toxins – allowing to leave the parlour feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ultimately 10 years younger. Happy endings are so welcomed that most therapists allow clients to release twice in a one hour session. Could it get any better?

A Happy ending is illegal – Myth

Contrary to popular belief, happy endings are actually super legal in the UK. Erotic massage parlours began to grow in popularity when the British government started to clamp down on the use of brothels in the 1960s.  This drove escort services to an unnerving halt before a loophole was found in the law. Many sex-workers quickly became trained in massage and began to sell soothing rubdowns with added erotic elements. This was when the happy ending was born. The service is now hugely popular around the UK in discreet massage salons, usually found in major cities.

So we hope we’ve set the record straight about happy ending massage. Why not have a Happy Ending massage London to try out the teasing and tantalising bodywork today? After all boys, happy endings in London aren’t just in fairy tales! Visit our Happy ending service page or dial our around-the-clock hotline to find out more information or to arrange your sexy session. 02039165799

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