Happy Ending massage for beginners

asian masseuse giving man a happy ending massage London incall

Are you a beginner?

Losing your virginity or being sexually active for the first time is a rite of passage and something that we all do in our lifetime. However, for some people, it can be a lot more nerve wracking and frightening. It is a scary thought to be so intimate with somebody else and there is always the fear that you are doing something wrong which can be very embarrassing.

However – one way you can ease yourself into a sexually active life is by getting an erotic massage, in particular, a happy ending massage. A happy ending massage is ideal for beginners because it doesn’t push the limits too much while still teaching you about your body and how it works. You should always make sure you are ready to have sex and that you feel comfortable in the situation, and having a happy ending massage can ensure that you do not push your boundaries too much.

I talked with some of our regular clients who had their first sexual experiences right here in our massage parlour in central London to see exactly what they think –

Darren, 24 – “I was quite a late bloomer, and a very shy kid, therefore losing my virginity in high school like most other lads my age wasn’t something that I experienced. When I got to university and had still not lost my virginity it became more of a burden than something to look forward to. I knew most people my age had numerous sexual partners, therefore, it made it more pressurising for me to lose mine. I decided to go to an erotic massage parlour as I knew the masseuses are highly trained, very professional and would know what services would work best for someone who had no sexual experience. When I arrived at the massage parlour the masseuse was very helpful and answered any questions I had regarding their services. This time spent speaking to the masseuse before the massage really put me at ease and made me feel less nervous about the situation. When the massage started she performed a full body to body naked massage on me which really helped to soothe both my body and my mind. After the full body massage she used her hand to provide me with hand relief. She started off slowly, using lubricant to make the movement easier for her. After a while, she began to do it firmer and harder and before I knew it I began to climax. The feeling was very intense yet magical at the same time. It gave me the confidence to try it again in a real life situation and it has made me a much happier person in general.”

Masood, 28 – “I come from a very traditional Muslim household, therefore when I had my arranged marriage I was not allowed to sleep with my wife until the night of our wedding. This made me very anxious about how I would perform because I had never had any sexual experience before and I was afraid I would miss out first time together up. Therefore, at the suggestion of some friends, I decided to have a happy ending massage to help me prepare for my wedding night. The masseuse performed a full body to body massage, working on areas such as my shoulder, neck and back to release any tension or muscle pain that I was experiencing. This was highly relaxing for me and not only helped me feel calm physically but it also really helped my mind to feel at ease too. After providing me with a body massage, the masseuse began to use hand relief on me. This felt very nice and got me used to the feeling of what my wedding night may feel like. I really enjoyed it and definitely felt more comfortable and confident with my sex life after this.”

If you are in the central London area and would like to experience our 5* happy ending massage experience then please contact us via email, SMS or phone-call. Our massage parlours are based in central London with numerous locations. However, we also provide outcall services to many different areas in the city. Therefore, if you would prefer the masseuse to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room then we can make this happen. Our stunning masseuses are among some of the most highly trained in London having been trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across Asia. They have come from China, Japan and Korea to provide the men of London with pleasure and happiness!

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