Five times in your life you need to try a happy ending massage

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Try a happy ending massage, not just when your bored

Let’s be honest, there are no points in your life that you should ever turn down a happy ending massage. However, there are some times that a happy ending becomes a need more than a want. If you’re looking for the answer to your prayers here are the five times in your life when a happy ending massage could be just what the doctor ordered.

When you are feeling stressed

Stress can come in many forms – maybe your workload is taking its toll, money worries are getting you down or your relationship has entered a rough patch. Although there are various types of stress, they can all be cured in the same way – and this is by happy ending massage. To commence a happy ending session, the therapist will pay attention to the less sensitive areas including the neck, back and shoulders to knead out the build-up of Cortisol. Cortisol is known as the ‘stress hormone’ and when flushed out, gives the receiver rewarding relief. And the benefits do not end there, as part of a happy ending massage a powerful orgasm is always guaranteed. The good news is that scientists have proven ejaculation to be a powerful stress reliever, as well as releasing happy hormones from the body. This leaves the receiver feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ultimately 10 years younger.

When you are feeling super horny

Of course, we all crave sex – but getting our horny fixes fulfilled when we are single can be a difficult task. However, instead of pulling a bang-average girl on your Saturday night out or scanning Tinder to find a mid-week hook up why not book a happy ending massage instead? It’s less hassle, more passion and with a smoking-hot lady! Happy ending therapists are super gorgeous, with legs 11s, perky breasts and bouncy bums you’ll not know where to put your eyes even before the massage has begun. They are also experts when it comes to teasing and tantalising you into seventh heaven. Happy ending therapists suggest for all clients to discuss their erotic preferences at the start of their appointment so they know exactly how to get those love juices flowing. Let’s be honest guys, there’s no better way to feed your sensual appetite than a happy ending massage.

You are lonely

Allow us to be straight, happy ending massage is a lot more than just sex – it can also help if you’re feeling slightly lonely too. Maybe you’re suffering the loss of a loved one, struggling to deal with heartbreak or have just moved to a new city and are finding it difficult to make new friends. As well as providing adult services, happy ending therapists also boast the amazing company too. The masseuses love nothing more than chatting about your day or finding out more about your life. Happy ending therapists also offer overnight stays which enables you to cuddle away all of your loneliness.

You are a victim of a penis problem

Are you putting off sexy time because you’ve become victim to some kind of penis problem? Well stop, the happy ending massage doctors can help you out! If it makes you feel any better than more than 50 per cent of men suffer erectile dysfunction, sexual stamina or premature ejaculation before they reach the age of 50. Regular happy ending massage teaches you the functions and how to control your penis, which ultimately allows you to have the stamina of a porn-star. Well maybe not, but it’ll certainly help you last a lot longer in the bedroom!

You suffer from a chronic pain

It may be a sad thought, but more than 30 per cent of us will suffer some kind of chronic pain at some point in our lives. However, instead of dosing up on endless amounts of paracetamol treat yourself the natural way with a happy ending massage. Doctors have recognised that the long relaxing strokes of happy ending massage activate the rush of endorphins. When reached by the brain, endorphins block the pain signals which ultimately give the receiver rewarding relief. Happy ending massage has proven a popular alternative treatment to help migraine, backache and shoulder pain sufferers.

Is a happy ending for you?

Happy endings aren’t just in fairytales! If you NEED to try the sultry service or just want to have a taste then call our happy ending London booking line to arrange yours today. We offer an incall and outcall service, which is available from just £120 per hour. Feel free to chat with our friendly and helpful team to be navigated through the process.  02039165799 / londonpleasureparlour@gmail.com Believe us, boys, the happy ending will give you a night to always remember!

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