Full service massage: The key to a healthy lifestyle

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There are other ways to a healthy lifestyle.

There are many ways to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, eating copious fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of water does just the trick. However recently, scientists have found a new and exciting way to boost your wellbeing. Gentlemen, have you ever considered the full service massage?

Full service involves a naked massage of your choice, hand relief, oral and penetration – followed by a mind-blowing happy ending.  It’s fair to say a session boasts a buffet of tantalising techniques and strokes, which not only feel absolutely amazing but also has long lasting effects on your body and mind. Here are five reasons the full service is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Enhances circulation

Rich oxygen and blood circulation is the key to fixing neglected muscles, which may be feeling damaged, tense and stiff. When the therapist applies soft and gentle pressure to the receiver’s body, the muscles are rejuvenated with fresh blood supply, which is essential for healing. As the therapist begins to incorporate twisting, squeezing and pulling techniques into the session lactic acids will be removed from the muscle tissue, which encourages rich circulation to the internal organs. This is the perfect remedy for lowering blood pressure levels and improving overall body function.

  1. Eliminates aches and pains

As we age, more aches and pains tend to become onset – whether that being in your neck, back or shoulders. This is usually because we’re not as flexible as we once were which causes our muscles to tense and become sore. However, a full service massage can be the answer to all your aching problems. A soothing rubdown encourages the flow of endorphins to the central nervous system. Endorphins are often nicknamed by doctors as the ‘body’s natural painkiller’ as they mask aches and pains, without you needing to reach out for paracetamol and ibuprofen. Engaging in the intimate parts of a full service massage only boosts the endorphins further. This, of course, makes sex not only tremendously pleasurable but also the solution to your annoying aches and pains.

  1. Reduces stress

As well as getting your naughtiest cravings fulfilled, one of the main reasons for seeking full service massage is stress relief. The sensual touch of a therapist’s dainty fingertips not only triggers a rush of euphoric sensations (which ultimately make you feel good) but it also eliminates Cortisol levels by up to 80 per cent. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which when left untreated can cause pain, anxiety and depression.  As the Cortisol is flushed out, the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin flourishes, which encourages positive thoughts and feelings.

  1. Counts as exercise

Of course, many of us have gym memberships or regularly take part in jogs or bike rides to exercise. However, what if we told you full service massage counts as the same? Relaxing massage therapy has proven to shift up 80 calories in a one-hour session. However, the more passionate and adventurous you are under the sheets isn’t only more fun but also counts as MORE exercise too. Studies have proven that up to 280 calories can be burnt during adventurous sex. Ok, so it may not give you a Baywatch six pack, but it will make you feel better about your dad bod.

  1. Improves the quality of sleep

It’s impossible to be fit and healthy without maintaining a good night’s sleep on a daily basis. Lack of sleep can make you disoriented, ill and lack motivation. If you’re struggling to catch your zzzs or suffer from something more serious, including insomnia then you desperately need to try the full service. Massage stimulates a natural rush of Serotonin, which is a vital competent for a good quality sleep. Also, the adventurous nature of a full service massage can tire you out (for all the right reasons) making you feel ready to zzz.

Try full service massage for yourself

If you’re eager to try out full-service massage then come and experience one at London Pleasure Parlour in Central London. We have a team of oriental therapists who are expertly trained in the sexy bodywork. Our full service sessions can be tailored to suit your health preferences and desires, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated every time you book a session with us. Full service starts from just £160 per hour. So what are you waiting for boys? Arrange the full service with us today by calling our hotline 02039165799

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