Things you didn’t know about erotic massages

naked woman things you dont know about a london erotic massage

There are many things you don’t know…

Ah, the world of the erotic massage, one that many want to try, but are too scared to explore, but why? In Britain, there is quite a lot of taboo surrounding erotic and tantric massages as people believe that they are wrong, not ethically right and that they violate many religious or cultural views. However, there are many positive things about erotic massage services and many things that you probably were not aware of;
They can reduce stress – Like any other sort of therapeutic massage, erotic massages are perfect to help reduce any forms of stress you might be enduring, whether that be physical, mentally or emotionally. As they are highly relaxing and soothing, they give you the time to sit back and focus on yourself and your body. This can help you to enter into a peaceful state, remembering what is important. You will have an overall sense of well-being and calmness which helps reduce stress levels as well as anxiety and depression. Many men have said that regular visits to their local massage parlours have really helped them mentally, allowing them to combat mental illness and battle things such as stress and anxiety a whole lot easier.
I talked with some men in London who have had this experience and here was their feedback;

John, 36 – Since my youth I have always found it extremely difficult to handle my stress levels, which eventually led to me having quite bad bouts of anxiety. This is hard to speak out about, particularly when I was in my mid-20’s as there was not really any discussion about men’s mental health. I confided in a close friend who suggested that perhaps I try some massage therapy to help lower my stress levels which would hopefully help with anxiety. I found a massage company which ended up being an erotic massage one, however, I did not mind. I felt so great afterwards, which had a very positive effect on my mental health. I think erotic massages are great reducing stress!

Toby, 22 – I have always lacked confidence due to my stress levels and anxiety. This has had a huge impact on my life and has always made socialising for me a very difficult ordeal for me. However, since I began to receive erotic massages I have had a huge confidence boost and I feel great about my life!

You can orgasm multiple times – Although they are known as a “happy ending” implying that you only get one pump, most erotic massage parlours in central London allow you to ejaculate or orgasm multiple times within the time slot you have paid for. So, if you orgasm quite early on there is no need to worry, you can several more times!

They are performed by authentic Asian masseuses – one of the many reasons men want to try erotic massages is because they are known for being performed by the most beautiful Asian masseuses. However, many men are more than disappointed when they arrive at the massage parlour and the girls are European. Luckily, all of the Asian massage parlours based in central London are performed by genuine and authentic oriental beauties. These girls have trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across the Eastern world and have come from China, Japan and Korea to work as erotic massage therapists in London. They believe that the men of the U.K should get to experience a true taste of Asia, how lucky are we!
You can go the full way – What many people do not realise is that with most erotic massage parlours, you can actually go the full way – and by the full way, I mean sex. The masseuses have been highly trained in the art of Tantra and erotica, and they view sex as an emotional and spiritual act between two people, or three if you like. The massage starts off with a full body to body, naked massage that will help get you aroused. The masseuse will then begin to pleasure your genitals and will engage in intercourse with you until you climax, how exhilarating! The massage therapist works very hard and allows you to sit back and relax throughout it all.
They feel amazing – Although this is quite obvious, so many men are anxious or worried to receive an erotic massage and are sceptical about whether or not they are worth it. Let me tell you, they 100^% are. Why do you think most of our clients are men with partners or wives? Recent surveys show that 46% of men enjoy sex with an erotic massage therapist more than they do with their own partner, scandalous!
So, if you are in central London are looking for something exciting and fun to do then please call our massage parlour to book an appointment with one of our beautiful masseuses!

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