The steps to planning an erotic massage this Valentine’s Day

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So February is fast approaching, which only means one thing – Valentine’s Day is on its way. If you’re a little strapped for cash, really wanting to woo your partner or just want to try something a little more alternative this year then look no further than an erotic massage. This is sure to beat the usual supermarket flowers and the bang-average meal out.

You need to prepare

Valentine’s Day is super special, it’s the one day of the year you really showcase your love for your partner. Therefore, the finishing touches to your erotic massage will go a long way at making your other half feel on top of the world. Following our toolkit will ensure you are super prepared for your romantic erotic massage:

  • Massage oil (and lots of it) – Massage oil is a must for a Valentine’s Day erotic massage – this ensures the slides are super sensational and builds to a euphoric climax. To maximise the sensual nature of the massage, it’s important to be generous with the amount of massage oil you use. Therefore, do ensure you purchase more than enough. Massage oil can be flavoured, so next time you’re in the shower do pay attention to what gel your partner uses and try to find a massage oil which mimics the scents.
  • Towels – Towels are a necessity for an erotic massage. Not only do they minimise the risk of stains, but they also intensify the pleasure. You can use towels to cover their more intimate zones while concentrating on their less sensitive areas. The towels can then be removed when you both feel like it’s time to turn up the heat. And do make sure you keep a spare towel to hand just in case you want to take the fun to the shower or bath.
  • Candles – Valentine’s Day is, without doubt, the most romantic day on the calendar, so what more gets the passion burning through the room than the finishing touch of candles? Candles are often scented, so do opt for Lavender, Chamomile or Vanilla scent which has been proven to encourage relaxation and ooze sizzling romance.   You’re both guaranteed to feel hotter than Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Build up is essential

If you really want to take your partner on a journey into serenity then build-up is an absolute necessity. Start by rubbing over their clothes before slowly undressing. You should always start the massage on their upper half (neck, back and shoulders) before slowly making your way down to the lower half. Only when their less sensitive areas are loosened and lightened should you start to incorporate some more erotic elements into the massage. If your partner is a female gently flip her onto her front, gently caress her breasts and trail small circles along her nipples. You’ll probably hear them moaning and groaning, so yes you guessed it – it’s time for the real thrills. Navigate your delicate hands to their erogenous zones to tease and tantalise. Whether your approach is super soothing and slow or rougher and ready is entirely up to the preference of you and your partner.

Less is more

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to boast the mesmerising skills of a professional erotic therapist – but there’s no harm in giving it a good-go to mimic their work. The simpler your strokes, the easier you will find the massage and more rewarding it will be for your partner. We advise you to start the massage with effleurage, which is long sensual glides are deriving from the more traditional Swedish massage. These can be performed just about anywhere on the body. Petrissage (kneading) strokes can also be carried out on areas you feel like your partner is enduring tension. However, do be careful to not be too vigorous as this can do more harm than good. Through their moans, groans and toe curls you’ll be able to read what your other half finds particularly thrilling throughout your naughty encounter – you’ll then be able to incorporate these strokes more into the session. After all, your main goal for your erotic massage is to give your partner a flurry of sensational orgasms.

Do not expect anything in return

Remember, the erotic massage is a treat to your partner so do not expect for anything back. Your partner is likely to feel super euphoric, relaxed and refreshed after the erotic massage – therefore if they start to return the favour it’s likely to undo the rewarding benefits. Instead opt for a shower or bath together, the warm water will help to cool the muscles down – perfect after the massage.

Not in a relationship? You can still have an erotic massage this Valentine’s Day

If you’re a singleton, I’m sorry for putting you through the pain of this post. However, you needn’t be down in the dumps as you can still have an erotic massage yourself this February. We have a team of gorgeous oriental masseuses who are ready to romance you into ecstasy this Valentine’s Day from just £120. Please dial our 24-hour hotline to find out more about the erotic massages we offer in Central London.

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