Is it safe to get an erotic massage?

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Ever wondered if you are safe?


Are you wanting to book an erotic massage but are holding back due to concerns about how safe it is? Well, you needn’t worry, as the erotic massage is as safe as a tortoise under its shell. Erotic massage parlours and therapists work under strict government guidelines to ensure the services they offer are 100 per cent safe. There are five things adult salons put in place to ensure client safety is at the heart of EVERYTHING they do:

The therapists have to obtain a licence

We understand many new clients to be concerned about whether erotic masseuses are trained in legitimate massage therapy because of course, no one wants an inexperienced masseuse giving them a rubdown. Not only would this be not as pleasurable, but could potentially cause harm to your muscles if they’re not quite sure about what they’re doing. However, you can rest assured that all therapists in the UK have to obtain a licence before working in a British parlour. This licence shows they have undertaken the relevant massage qualifications in recognised training schools across the globe.

Condoms are worn at all times

As you probably are aware, erotic massage is an ultra-intimate experience and involves a whole lot of naked skin-to-skin contact. UK law states that whether you opt for the happy ending or full-service package you will be required to wear a condom at all times, which will protect you and your therapist from all sexually transmitted infections. Condoms (of all sizes) are provided free of charge at all British parlours. Please never ask an erotic therapist for bareback, as this is never a service they will NEVER provide.

The masseuses undergo regular screening

As condoms are worn throughout all massages at all times, the chances of an erotic masseuse contracting an STI is near enough impossible. However, as a double precaution, erotic therapists are required to visit a sexual health clinic and undergo STI screening on a fortnightly basis. Here, sexual health doctors will perform swab, urine and blood tests to check for all types of infections. It’s important to know that 99.9 per cent of erotic therapists has never been diagnosed with an STD. Erotic masseuse screening is just another precaution the British government put in place to ensure adult massage is as safe as it possibly can be.

The parlours are usually near tube stations/ have parking facilities

Erotic massage parlours are usually found on bustling roads in busy cities and can be easily reached using public transport or in your own vehicle. Many people often believe this is so the parlours can be easily reached by all forms of travel, but it also is for the safety of the clients. Erotic massage parlours often attract the majority of their clientele in the early hours of the morning and therefore, it would be a little dangerous to expect gentlemen to walk the quiet streets of London at a peculiar hour. Because of this, erotic massage parlours in the UK have to be under 0.5 miles away from a public transport link and also have complimentary parking facilities for the customers to use. This is to ensure all customers are completely safe when making their way to the parlour at all hours of the day.

Parlours have an in-house security team

A more recent bill passed in British law was that erotic massage parlours have to host an in-house security team during all working hours. This means that they are able to vet everyone who arrives at the parlour before they enter, usually asking for ID (from anyone who looks under the age of 25) and getting a feel about whether the person is a legit customer. Of course, the security team aren’t going to bother you while having an erotic massage, but are quite simply there to control who comes in and out of the parlour to protect the therapists and the clients inside.

Here at London Pleasure Parlour we really do value our client and masseuse safety at each and every one of our Central London parlours. If you would like to book one of our professional erotic massages for incall or outcall then please contact our around-the-clock booking agency today 02039165799

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