Going to an erotic massage parlour for the first time(what to expect)

first time going to an erotic massage parlour london incall

Take the plunge, go and get yourself an erotic massage!

But first, here are some sure start lessons to take with you… nothing too complicated- but it’s always good to know your Lingam from your Prostate… am I right!?

First off, make sure you book with a professional, authentic massage parlour, one with actual genuine masseuses who are trained in the ancient art of erotic massage and who can actually deliver you a quality authentic service. It doesn’t have to cost the earth! But spending a few extra pennies here and there could really save you from a dingy place that’s no more legitimate than the grass is green.

Once you have found a parlour that can offer you a genuine erotic massage the next step is choosing the right masseuse and the right massage style for you. Most refutable erotic massage parlours in London will offer you a range of exotic and often ambiguously named services. Typically you will be offered such services as ‘nuru’, ‘lingam’, ‘prostate’and  ‘B2B’. –Let’s dissect these words so you can get a fuller understanding of what’s on offer:

Nuru = a Japanese massage style that involves getting a naked body to body massage with the added exotic twist of Nuru gel. Nuru gel is a substance made out of a rare Japanese seaweed called ‘nori’ which has the unusual consistency of being both sticky and slippery at the same time! Now I know this might be hard to get your head around at first but trust me. Imagine being basically stuck to your beautiful erotic masseuses’ naked body like super glue and the sexual intensity that would come with that with the added benefit of your masseuse being able to also slip and slide against your body, grinding against your naked body with her generous assets.

Lingam= This is a massage style that originated in India, it’s style becomes clear in translation. Lingam translates in Sanskrit, the language of its origin to ‘penis’. In essence, a lingam massage is one that worships the penis, celebrating and pleasuring it as its focus.             

Prostate=  A massage that concentrates on massaging the prostate gland. The prostate gland is located inside the anus and is actually a guaranteed way for men to have intense and mind bending orgasms.

B2B= a ‘body to body’ massage is the standard massage type in erotic massage parlours, it is the margarita pizza, if you will, of erotic massage.   That being said, like margarita pizza, b2b is a classic choice and not to be snubbed at. This massage style involves getting a full naked massage with your masseuse- similar to that of nuru except with aromatic oils as opposed to Nuru gel.

 Once you have decided on which massage style you would like to try it’s time to call up the parlour. Calling up means you will be dealt with straight away and also means you can ask any queries you might have before arrival. While you are on the phone it is a good idea to ask about which masseuses are working at the time in which you would like to come. That way you can scope out the girls on the website and decide which of the available girls you would best prefer. This means that when you get to the parlour you know who you are going to be seeing.

When you book I would also recommend you ask for prices and for what extras are on offer- that way you can ensure you have the correct money on arrival.

Now all that’s really left is for you to have your massage…

However, there are three hot tips for making that experience as pleasurable as possible.

  1. Shower before! If you’re feeling sweaty and unclean you might feel insecure and not be as confident- the masseuse is a stranger after all.
  2. Even though you’ll probably be nervous don’t drink alcohol before! You will end up needing the toilet during the session and it will distract you from ultimate pleasure.
  3. Enjoy it! You are paying to be serviced, clear your mind and let go.    

As daunting as it might feel getting your first massage as soon as you get there you will be glad you took the plunge. Getting an erotic massage really does heal the mind body and soul. You will walk out of the parlour a new man, I guarantee it.

First time for you?

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