Erotic Massage Could Save Your Relationship

erotic massage saving a relationship london

How giving an erotic massage helps couples

After the honeymoon phase, relationships can often become repetitive, boring and lack the passion that fuelled love and happiness beforehand. It is very normal for this to occur and many couples struggle with dealing with how to overcome these obstacles.

However, this does not mean that your relationship should end or that you guys should throw everything you have together away because it is totally normal to hit this stump in most relationships. If you care about one another and are willing to ignite that fire and passion once again, an erotic massage could be your gateway to happiness.

It has been proven 37% of British couples have credited erotic massages, whether that be they have performed one on one another, as part of a couples massage or by themselves has helped mend their broken relationship.

Performing one on your partner – It does not come as a shock that massages are highly relaxing and arousing, a great way to feel rejuvenated and whole once again. However more and more couples throughout the U.K are trading expensive, professional massage therapy sessions for performing it on one another this can have huge benefits not just for the person getting massaged but could be a godsend for your relationship if it is on the rocks.

Performing a massage on your partner shows that you are taking the time to appreciate them and their body. You want to please them not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. You share a close bond and connection with this person, but unlike your relationship with others, you consume this person physically and you should show them that you want to nurture their body with your love and in return, they will do the same to you. It also gives you both the opportunity to zone out from the rest of the world and have someone on one personal time with just you and them. This is so important in relationships and is needed for growth as a couple.

You should clean your bedroom, put fresh bed sheets on, buy some scented candles and nice oils and dim the lights to set the tone and atmosphere. This sexy ambience will get you both in the mood as you will both feel extremely relaxed and at one with each other.

Getting one together – There is nothing as sexy as watching your partner enjoy themselves whether that be mental, physically or sexually. The number of couples getting erotic massages together in the U.K has been increasing year by year, with more of them stating that it has helped their relationship immensely.

As the massage is performed by a professional masseuse it will be of the highest standard. The masseuse will know exactly what areas to tackle and combat, working on all your areas of muscle tension and pain. This will help you both relax and it will get rid of your worries, tensions and stresses both mentally and physically. You will be on separate beds right next to each other; therefore you can keep in contact by either holding hand or simply making regular eye contact to let each other know that you are present.

It is a great way to learn new moves and get inspiration for you and your partner to try at home. You can learn how to please and pleasure each other to a high level. It is a special way to have some time away with your partner and live in the moment for once rather than letting stress get to you.


Getting a massage by yourself – If your partner is happy with you to receive an erotic masseuse without your presence then you should really try this. It allows you to have some wind down time by yourself and helps you to focus on you. It helps you to learn more about your sexual side, your desires and needs.

You will be able to connect with the masseuse and learn how to communicate with someone on a physical level. This will make you a better lover and your partner will be happy that you have learned new moves and new ways to please them.

Clearly, erotic massages are a great way for couples to reconnect and rekindle if the flame has burnt out. It gives them a chance to remember what is important, enjoying each other’s company and worshipping each other’s bodies. You will feel closer and like you can communicate better after you have an erotic massage session. It can be very magical and exciting and will feel almost like a new relationship because you are doing something so different than before.

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