Boost your bedroom antics with these popular erotic massages

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You can never have too much experience

Relationships are a beautiful thing and there’s nothing better than being intimate with the person you love. However, shocking new statistics have found that only 25 per cent of couples is having sex on a weekly basis. What’s worse, the majority are struggling to get intimate with their partner more than twice in a month. However we, the sexperts, are here to spice up your relationship – whether you’re not having enough sexy time or are just looking for new ways to woo your Mrs Gentlemen, let us present you with erotic massage.

Of course, you’ve probably given a massage before. Whether you’ve kneaded your partner’s back after she’s had a long day at the office or as a bit of a treat on her birthday. However, we want to take your massage skills from bland vanilla to the spiciest of flavourings, leaving your partner wanting more and more each time. Here are the three most popular erotic massages you and your partner should experiment within the bedroom.

Sensual massage

If you would refer to yourself as massage novice then a sensual massage is the best go-to. The strokes maybe slow and simple, but it doesn’t hinder its seductive and soothing nature. To perform, prop up some cushions on the floor or guide your partner to the bed ask request for them to lie on their back. Massage oil is a must for sensual massage and it’s important you have lots of it. Warm the oil with your hands, before lathering it onto the partners back. Begin to perform light and gentle strokes onto her back, neck and shoulders, before applying deeper pressure to unwind all of her stresses. Start to trail your fingertips up her thighs (which promises to be every lady’s weakness) while edging closer to her most intimate areas. Read her breathing and when she is entering a euphoric climax, manoeuvre your hands to her erogenous zones. A good sensual massage will build up to her clitoris crying out for your attention, so it is important you soothingly stimulate all around her vagina before attending to her most sensitive area to build up the euphoric intensity. Sensual massage is super romantic and is the perfect treat for your partner.

Nuru massage

Nuru is a little more complex, but if planned and performed correctly will really earn some brownie points. For Nuru, it’s important you stock up on a special Japanese oil known as Nori gel. Compared to generic massage oils, Nori has a super slippery texture which is great for getting wet ‘n’ wild with your Mrs Nori gel can be a little sticky and messy, so it’s important to lay out some old towels or use a blow up mattress, which can be easily wiped down after your saucy rubdown. Lay her down on her front and begin to lather Nori gel all along the body softly with your bare hands. Once you (and your lady) are ready to turn up the heat position her on her back and begin to use your more sensitive areas to massage hers. With the help of the Nori gel, this is guaranteed to stimulate the most mind-blowing sensations for both of you. What happens next is up to you. A bonus tip is to plan a shower or bath to end the experience, not only does this allow more time to get sensually steamy with your lady, but it also cleanses your bodies after working up a hot sweat.

Full service massage

Full service is the only massage which guarantees the full she-bang, that being oral and sex. The full service should be saved for special occasions or when you really want to woo your lady. The beauty of full service is that you can tailor it to you and your partner’s preferences. Whether you’re craving some soothing romance or something more adventurous then this style of massage can be just that. Preparation and build-up are key to the perfect full service massage. Maybe light some candles around the room and layout rose petals on the bed, a gentle playlist never goes amiss either. Spend time massaging your lady before getting to the juicy bits. Make sure you incorporate all of her sexy pleasures into the massage and if there’s something she enjoys best, do make that the centre of the experience. Believe us, this will leave her wanting more and more of your delicious feast.

So what are you waiting for boys? Get massaging your loved one today, it’s guaranteed to boost your antics in the bedroom department! If you’re unlucky in love or don’t have a special someone then don’t panic, we have a team of gorgeous therapists who love to get down and dirty with our mind-blowing range of erotic massages today. Packages start from just £120 per hour. To book today You can read more about our sexy sessions at London Pleasure Parlour services

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