The times in your life when a body to body massage could really help you out

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Could a Body to Body Massage help you in your life?


Of course, there’s no wrong time to get a body to body massage. However, here at London Pleasure Parlour, we believe there are certain periods in your life that this sensational adult service could really help you out. Whether you’re stressed out at work, going through a messy break-up or are riddled with aches and pains, B2B massage London will help you heal. Read on to find out more…

When you are stressed

For thousands of years, massage therapy has been sought for stress relief. However, with B2B massage the stress elimination only gets better. The beauty of this tantalising treatment is that nothing is off limits, as the therapist attends to every area of the body. The masseuse will start by kneading out the build-up of cortisol in the less sensitive zones (including the neck, back and shoulders) before manoeuvring her attention to the more intimate areas. Doctors believe a considerable amount of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol builds in the erogenous zones and if not unleashed, will only worsen.  The only way to flush out the cortisol in the private parts is orgasm and good news, body to body massage does just that. It’s important to know that treatments which deprive the erogenous zones of massage will only make the stress levels for the receiver worse. Erotic therapists are experts at the edging technique, which builds the intensity before you reach the highest climax of your life. Not only will all of your stresses be erased, but you’ll indulge into overwhelming sensations of pleasure as you reach the point of no return. Body to body massage for stress relief is particularly beneficial if you’re suffering from a heavy work-toll, have money concerns or are experiencing health worries.

When you are nursing a broken heart

If you’re nursing a broken heart then please don’t mope around feeling sorry for yourself, get a body to body massage instead. Body to body London therapists make the sweetest companions and will not only fulfil your bedroom needs but will also boost your mood in your time of loneliness. Before the massage commences, the masseuses love nothing more than chatting about your day and finding out your interests – before giving you the rub down of your life. Some regular massage clients often say visiting a massage parlour is like going to a girlfriend’s house – and an extremely hot girlfriend at that! Due to the nature of the job, erotic therapists could easily be mistaken for Victoria’s Secret models, with their perky breasts, slender legs and pert derrieres – you’ll really feel like you have won the lottery getting jiggy with one of these gorgeous girls. Broken hearts are so last year.

When you’re troubled with aches and pains

Do you suffer from arthritis or find yourself enduring a few minor aches and pains? Well don’t panic, you’re not in the minority – more than half of men experience some kind of pains when they reach their middle-ages. While paracetamol and ibuprofen might give you some relief, they’re often not enough to eliminate the dreaded symptoms completely – this is where a body to body massage can help. The slow and soothing strokes of B2B trigger the rush of endorphins. In recent years, doctors have informally dubbed endorphins as a natural painkiller, due to their ability to disguising the pain signals being reached from the brain.  Studies have shown B2B to be more effective at treating pain that over the counter painkillers. It’s important to note that if you’re considering undertaking B2B therapy to nurse your ailments then please discuss with your GP about whether it’s a treatment they advise. In a small number of cases, body to body massage could do more harm than good for your symptoms.

Have a helping hand with a body to body massage

Whether B2B Massage London has come at your time in need or you just want to treat yourself (because why the hell not!) then do book with the London Pleasure Parlour agency, who will be able to supply you with a five-star B2B London service for incall and outcall across London. The therapists are all insanely stunning, super friendly and are wonderworkers when it comes to the art of seduction – they’ll do more than put a smile on your face! If you’re ready to take the plunge and get your love juices flowing then please dial our English speaking booking centre. We operate between the hours of 10am to 3am, seven days a week. 02039165799

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