Is getting a Body to Body massage cheating?

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It’s not a shock to hear that body to body massages have a bad reputation. The whole umbrella of oriental massages is often deemed as sleazy, which is why the topic isn’t openly discussed in most societies. If you don’t know what a body to body massage is, let me explain. It is an erotic, naked massage that combines traditional massage techniques with sexual play- so yes; happy endings and full service are part of the package if you want. However, despite the stigma, body to body massages are extremely popular and widely practiced in the UK. Men of all ages and nationalities are happy to part with their cash for an hour with a beautiful masseuse. So why is it so wrong?



Naturally, not all of the men that book these massages are single. Many are married; have girlfriends or have family’s waiting for them back at home- but this doesn’t stop them looking elsewhere. So of course, this is cheating, right? Why wouldn’t it be? Well, you’d be surprised to hear why manly people book body to body massages with their partner’s full consent. Here is why…


They can improve your sex life

Swingers are couples that openly enjoy sexual experiences with other people or couples. In a nutshell, they seek out sex from other men and women that aren’t their wives and husbands with full consent from the other party. But why?

Exploring different erotic avenues- whether that is alone or with your partner- can improve YOUR sex life. When it comes to Body to Body massage, this style teaches people how to control their urges (premature ejaculation), let go of stress and experiment with different positions or sexual play. Believe it or not, some women actually call massage parlors and book their husbands in for erotic massages because it can benefit them both. If you find yourself climaxing earlier then you’d like or finding difficult to get in the mood, body to body massage is a fantastic way of addressing these issues. Body to body massage is slow, sensual and teasing- and teaches men to relax and switch off from the world so that they are able to control their urges more. This is, of course, something your partner will benefit from too.


It’ll give you confidence

Sex can often become stale and repetitive if you lack confidence in your body and your abilities. Perhaps you’ve put on a little weight and don’t feel attractive anymore, or maybe you don’t feel like you’re pleasing your partner and your ego have taken a blow as a result. Body to Body massage could help give you the much-needed confidence you need, and could also make you feel even more comfortable in your own skin then you’ve ever felt before.  The masseuse will make you feel sexy, adored and masculine. You’ll come away from the experience feeling like a new man. Then you can really show your partner what she’s been missing…


So it cheating?

The answer to this question will always depend on each individual couple. Ultimately, if you feel secure enough in your relationship, body to body massage could actually improve things for you and your partner. Body to Body massages are obviously sexual, but emotional feelings aren’t involved. If you are able to disconnect emotionally from your masseuse, you’re simply exploring different avenues that could drastically alter your sex life. That being said, I would always recommend discussing this with your partner. Keeping it a secret could actually wreck it.


Couples massage maybe?

We have the answer to your problems- get a couple’s body to body massage. If you both experience this sexual journey together, you can connect with your partner in ways you never have before. You can touch their body in ways you never even thought, and you’ll feel more in love with them than you ever imagined. And with both parties consent- it’s not cheating!

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