Health benefits of a body to body massage

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Are you aware of the amazing health benefits you can get from a body to body massage?

Feeling rough, stressed out, muscle pain becoming intolerable? A body to body massage is an alternative means of erotic therapy that is often overlooked and works wonders to relieve psychical and mental strain. Continue reading and discover why more and more people are opting for a trip to a erotic, tantric masseuse for body to body massage everyday rather than their local physiotherapist for the added health benefits.

Frankly, the miracle of the body to body massage lays in the vast spectrum of therapeutic benefits it can deliver. By which I mean you’d be surprised at all the different parts of your body and mind can experience powerful relief from the service.

I’ll start of by explaining the basic health benefits before moving on to the more advanced.

Body to body massages increases the blood circulation

within the body, getting the blood bumping to this level surpasses that of say going for a jog or cycle. The difference being this massage increases the blood circulation around the whole body- allowing more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs.

Bad blood circulation can sometimes go undetected; the signs can often not be obvious. If you experience numbness and/or tingling in your hands or feet, or frequently get pins and needles you are probably suffering from circulation problems, as they are the most common indicators of poor blood flow

The danger of living with poor circulation could be more serious than you’d think.  If the bodies vital organs do not receive an adequate amount of blood flow you could end up with swelling, blood clots, a weakened immune system and even memory loss.

Body to body massages get rid of headaches!

Migraine sufferers and those prone to stress induced headaches have found the combination of sexual arousal and massage therapy rapidly reduces headaches and eliminates the need for medication.

Body to body massages can actually improve skin conditions.

By increasing circulation of blood and stimulating the lymph your body’s skin will naturally relax and soften. The oils used by masseuses have natural vitamin pigments that target rough or damaged skin revitalising it and improving its general condition. Massage oils are also excellent for removing dead skin and dirt effectively, this might sound gross but a build-up of dead skin and dirt can lead to permanent skin infections and bodily rashes.

Body to body massages stimulate lymph influx.

Lymph is the body’s natural defence system against toxic invaders. In cases of breast cancer, it has been proven that massage stimulates the growth of defence cells which work to fight the cancer.

The importance of activating these defence cells could lifesaving.

Body to body massages relax and relieve injured and tired muscles.

As you know the bodies muscles are all connected, having a full body massage can relieve and strengthen muscles without causing bodily pain. As your masseuse will leave you in a relaxed trance, injured muscles can get a much more vigorous massage than what could be expected at say a psychotherapist, as in the clinical hospital environment, unless sedated, it is near impossible to relax the muscles to such a state. At a masseuse parlour, no chemical drugs are necessary to get you to an efficient level of relaxation.

This means that your masseuse can expertly reduce muscle spasms and cramps and increase the mobility of your joints. Professional Athletes are renowned for turning to massage therapy as a faster alternative. Massages are proven to reduce the recovery time of muscle injury and can help prepare the body for tiring workouts, as well as repairing it afterwards.

Body to body massages release sexual endorphins- which are so important!

Sex is important and so good for you for many reasons, mentally and psychically the human body needs sexual stimulation. It is a historic fact, observed for hundreds of years that limited or no sexual activity will have destructive impact.

Sex is important for the mind. Lack of sexual stimulation is a prominent cause for depression, low self -esteem, a weak immune system etc. Research even suggests that a more enriched sex life increases the human life span!

A body to body massage will release endorphins. Endorphins are a Hormone within the body that acts as a natural painkiller. The releases of endorphins are used to treat chronic pain, accident, postoperative recovery as a means of easing and controlling pain.

Body to body massages aids operational recovery.

If you have had an operation and are looking for an alternative pain relief, body to body massage is proven to reduce post-operative swelling, and improve the connective tissue of scars after healing.

Body to body massages make you feel happy- and happiness is one of the leading factors in creating general well-being and good health.

Where can you find body to body massage services?

There are many erotic massage parlours in London, Heathrow, Canary Wharf, Soho that will have the body to body massage services, this is one of the many services that is popular throughout erotic massage parlours. If you are not located near or anywhere in the areas of London you can search on the google website, this will have many pages and also advertisement websites that will offer body to body masseuses.

If you find yourself interested and wanting this type of massage there is our very own B2b massage London service available on our webpage.

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