Men’s experience at an adult massage parlour

man getting an erotic massage from an asian masseuse in marylebone London outcall massage

Men’s experience at an adult massage parlour while on a business trip


Like trying anything for the first time, your first visit to an Asian massage parlour can be a nerve wrecking and daunting experience, especially if it is quite far out of your comfort zone. Many of our customers have expressed to us that they made many attempts to visit our massage parlour before they actually plucked up the courage to do so.

To help you feel at ease before you visit our massage parlour, we have collected first experience accounts for three of our regular customers in the hope that it will encourage you to come along and enjoy our services.

Daniel, 32 –  Due to the nature of my job, I travel to London several times a month on long haul flights which is obviously extremely tiring when you are there for business. I heard that erotic massage therapy was relaxing and relieving; however, during my first few visits to the U.K, I was much too nervous to get one. After a particularly terrible flight and a heavy day at work, I decided to visit a massage parlour in central London and had the best experience. The massage parlour was in a discreet location and very close to local transport links. The masseuses were all welcoming and were happy to explain each service to me in detail and the prices. Once I had selected my masseuse I was guided into a private room that was very clean with fresh sheets and I automatically felt relaxed. The masseuse dimmed the lights at my request and lit some scented candles and began to undress me slowly, laying me on the bed and rubbing oil on to my skin. Using her hands she rubbed and caressed areas such as my shoulders, upper and lower back. It was a very rejuvenating experience that brought back energy and positivity into my life as well as being highly pleasurable. I understand that many men will feel extremely anxious about going for the first time but once you do you will be thankful for it.”


Richard, 25 – “I was quite nervous to even inquire about an erotic massage let alone visit a massage parlour due to the stigma surrounding it and the negative connotations that come with receiving massage therapy of this nature. Once I had researched the legality of it, I visited my local Asian parlour in central London, still feeling apprehensive about how the experience would go. I was quite familiar with the different massage styles and services they provided as they made it very clear on their website which was very helpful as it took off some ease when I got there. The masseuse assisted me with a shower before my session which was highly soothing and it gave me an extra boost of confidence because I felt fresh and prepared. Once inside the private room, she asked me again what service I wanted and informed me of the price. Once she started I could tell she was very passionate about her profession and was dedicated to making me feel good. She made the session extremely unique and individual to cater to my needs and desires. I was allowed to ejaculate twice and I left the parlour with a glow, eager to come back again as soon as I could.”


Hassan, 23 – “AS my job role requires me to be in very high pressure and intense environment, I needed to find a way to wind back and relax after a long, hard week of work and I thought an erotic massage would enable me to do so. I was slightly apprehensive as to whether or not it would provide me with the high level of relief I required and I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it made me feel. The masseuse performed a full body to body massage on me whilst we were both entirely naked, reaching various different parts of my body at the same time. I could feel any areas of tension or muscle pain instantly become soothed and my intimate areas also became very aroused. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to any man who wants to try erotic massage therapy.”


If you are based in London and want to visit our massage parlour for an erotic or sensual massage experience then please contact us via SMS, phone call or email. We operate daily from 10 am until 3 am, taking both incall and outcall bookings.

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