What to expect when booking a full-service massage (step-by-step guide)

women giving man a full service massage

The full service is a popular term thrown about in the adult massaging world. Many are familiar that the massage includes penetration, but not many know what to expect when booking the superior treatment. So here is a step-by-step guide to what to expect when booking a full service.

The hot soapy shower

At London Pleasure Parlour we advise you to start your session with a shower. Not only does this warm and relax your muscles for the perfect full service experience, but it also gives you chance to get to know your masseuse (and her sensational body!) An assisted shower is the delicious starter to a full-service feast and allows you and your tantalising temptress to get wet ‘n’ wild as she drizzles you in gel and washes down every inch of your body. Sounds like a mouth-watering turn on, right? Well, there’s plenty of more fun to come and the session hasn’t even entered the bedroom yet…

The full body massage

So, once you’ve finished with a hot and steamy shower the real thrill starts. Full service comprises of a choice of full body massage. There are more than 10 spine-tingling styles to choose from, ranging from a naughty nuru, a teasing tantric and soothing sensual.  All are guaranteed to get your heart-racing and each is uniquely breath-taking. If you’re struggling to select a style then feel free to speak with the therapist beforehand. They will be able to discuss your desired outcomes from your session and recommend a massage to you.  All of our massages are performed with you and the masseuse naked, allowing you to kick back, relax and absorb the serenity of skin-to-skin contact. The masseuse will trail, strokes and sweep her delicate fingertips all over your naked body, starting from your less sensitive to most intimate areas. As the session progresses your senses will be begging her to touch your manhood – but just you wait…

The luscious lick

So now you are warmed up from head to toe, the therapist is ready to drive the massage into fifth gear. Fasten yourself in tight boys because this is guaranteed to get your body-shaking. Allow her to caress her magical hands (and voluptuous lips) down your body to edge closer and closer towards your genitals, immersing you into intense arousal more and more by the second. The masseuse will then patter on your manhood and will lusciously lick the tip, before carefully manoeuvring her soft lips up and down. Oral is usually performed using a condom, but there is the option for without for a little bit extra.

The slip inside

The whole session has been building up to this point – she’ll seek a nod of approval as it’s time for a slip inside.  A common question we get asked is does the full service include full penetration – and the answer is yes. The intercourse part fulfils all of your wildest fantasies, with the masseuse able to mould the experience to your personal preference. Whether you want a ridiculously raunchy romp or a soothingly passionate ride then your therapist will have it covered. The masseuses are trained to use what is known as an ‘edging technique’. This means that when you’re on the tip of orgasm she will move her body away from your sensitive parts, before repeating this again and again. This builds the sensual ambience and climaxes you to the most overwhelming happy endings.  If you orgasm early in your session do not worry, there’s always the option for round two at no extra fee. Full service doesn’t include anal, but after that delicious banquet, your sexual appetite will be more than fulfilled.

Get a full-service massage

Full-service massage is breath-taking and is perfect if you need to let off some steam or are in need of some enticing fun. At London Pleasure Parlour we allow you to choose your gorgeous therapist and offer the full service for incall and outcall sessions. Prices start at £150 p/h for incall and £180 p/h for outcall bookings, which does include transportation for your masseuse to and from your desired location. Sounds like a bargain, right? Dial our 24-hour hotline and book your full-service massage today. 


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