From the best to the rest – the complete guide of Adult Massage’s

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What’s better than knowing you can pick the best-rated massage?


Wanting to book an adult massage but are spoilt for choice and aren’t sure which one to get? Well, of course, every erotic massage is ultra-amazing, but there are a few which do stand out from the crowd. From the best to the no means worst here is the complete guide of the tantalising massages you can opt for.

Four hands

Our rating: *****

Taking the title for the BEST massage offered in an erotic massage parlour is four hands. Four hands are the only session which comes with not just one, but two gorgeous therapists. If you struggle to cherry-pick between petite pocket rockets, leggy temptresses or boobilicious beauties then four hands massage has your name written all over it, as you get the delicious choice of two. Allow two stunning sirens to sensually caress you in unison, before manoeuvring their attention to your erogenous zones. To many people, getting hot under the covers with two drop-dead gorgeous oriental girls is just a fantasy, but to you soon it could be a reality…


Our rating: *****

Coming in at a close second is Nuru massage (it would pip the top spot if it included two girls) Nuru is considered as a premium massage, as the therapists use their flawless boobs and booties within their massage, as well as their tantalising fingertips. To ensure sensational effortless slides and grinds, Nuru practitioners move away from traditional massage oils and use a specialist gel known as Nori. Made up of Japanese seaweed elements, Nori has a super slippery and silky like texture allowing the strokes (and your imagination) to run wild!

Full service

Our rating: *****

Full service is exactly what it says on the tin and is the full shebang. As well as the sweet vanilla elements of massage and hand relief, full service also always comprises for luscious oral and pulse-racing penetration. Whatever positions or pace you want to take as part of the full service is entirely your choice. Having a goddess babe grinding all over your manhood is guaranteed to enter you into the seventh heaven, which is why full service gets five stars from us.

Prostate massage

Our rating: *****

Did you know that the prostate gland is the only G spot in the male body? Allow the therapist to seductively wet her finger and slip it inside for a riggle of the finest pleasure. Prostate massage would be higher on our list, but as it’s a service designed for those with a daring nature it takes a respectable fourth place.

Lingam massage

Our rating: ****

Lingam is a loose Latin translation for ‘wand of light’ and is essentially a massage which worships your penis. Many often believe Lingam massage is a glorified phrase for a handjob, but we can assure you it’s much more than this. There are more strokes, jerks and cups in a Lingam massage than Hugh Hefner has had Playboy bunnies. If you’re strapped for time and want a quick sensual fix then Lingam massage is definitely worth booking.

Body to body massage

Our rating: ****

Body to body is the massage world’s equivalent of a Big Mac at McDonald’s, super fulfilling but not quite the best burger you can have. If you’re starting out on your erotic massage journey then you can’t go wrong with a body to body massage. It’s sweet, it’s sultry and it’s guaranteed to fulfil your most sensual needs.

Tantric massage

Our rating: ****

Tantra teachings go far beyond the naughty benefits and are designed to harmonise the body, mind and soul to achieve the maximum health and happiness. It’s as much about the experience as it is about the massage, so expect scented candles, mood lighting and soft music to set the tone. Tantric massages are not for everyone, but if you’re a little bit spiritual then it’s definitely worth considering.


Our rating: ****

If you have a taste for romance then an erotic or sensual massage has your name written all over it. The strokes used in these spine-tingling bodyworks are slow and soothing, designed to provide sizzling passion which is undeniably unrushed.  If you enjoy driving yourself wild in fifth gear then you’ll probably find sensual and erotic massages a little too slow, nevertheless, it’s still an amazing massage.

Happy ending massage

Our rating: ***

And finally, let’s leave on a happy end yeah? And we can certainly do that with our last massage. A happy ending is a staple massage offered in erotic parlours and is a popular go-to style, comprising of a soothing full body rubdown followed by sweet vanilla hand-relief. It might not be as naughty as the other styles we’ve mentioned above, but for clients who desire a more tame service, it can be exactly what they’re looking for – which is why it gets three stars from us!

If you’re interested in any of the massage styles from lovely Asian masseuses then please call our friendly and helpful booking agents to arrange your saucy session today 02039165799

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