The 5 best 4 hands massages to get

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4 hands massages are a gift from God. They were created to make dreams come true and to put smiles on men’s faces. Perhaps you’re itching to get your hands on two beautiful masseuses but don’t what style is right for you? Well, we are here to make that decision a hell of a lot easier. Please see our top 5 4 hands massages that are guaranteed to satisfy your every need!

Tantric 4 Hands

Tantric massage combines elements of tantra and traditional massage styles to create a highly spiritual and rewarding experience. The purpose of this style is access the chakras (energies in the body) which are responsible for keeping us mentally and physically healthy. When the energies become unbalanced, this can cause people to become sick, stressed and unhappy. Tantric massage works to realign the chakras- but an additional masseuse makes the session even more effective. Perhaps you’re going through a difficult time in your life and have a lot of issues to mend- well; one tantric massage session may not be enough to satisfy your chakras. However, the second pair of hands is the equivalent of two sessions, and will, therefore, heal your mind, body and soul much faster.

Nuru 4 Hands

Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese style that uses a very special gel to allow fluid, close body contact. The gel, which is made from nori seaweed, is extremely stringy in texture and helps masseuses to slide and grind all over their subjects. Whilst this style is highly erotic, it is also an excellent way to feel intimate and connected with a woman. Nuru massage is often described as the most adventurous, sought-after style- but can you imagine how sensational it is with two women instead of one? It is like a fantasy that has come to life.

Happy Ending 4 Hands 

In fairy tales, they only speak of one ‘happily ever after’. But in the world of oriental massage, two happy endings are a thing! Happy ending massage is exactly what it says on the tin- it’s a style that works towards an orgasm very slowly and gradually. Whilst many sexual experiences are rushed, aggressive and forced, happy ending massage is slow, sensual, romantic and teasing- everything you could want really! The main difference between a normal happy ending massage and 4 hands version is the fact that your masseuses will tease different areas of your body at the same time. The different sensations and stimulation will drive you crazy with arousal- making the end even more intense.

Lingam 4 Hands

Lingam is the Sanskrit word meaning ‘penis’, so I’m sure you can work out what this massage is all about. I imagine right now you’re thinking, ‘oh, it’s just a glorified hand job’, and in many ways, you’re right. Although the massage does focus on the genital area- it so far more intricate than just a hand job- it’s a work of massage art. Lingam masseuses use a range of mind-blowing massage techniques on the penis that will literally make your toes curl and your body shake. But imagine that, with another masseuse gently stroking your balls? Yep- it may be a glorified hand job, but you’ll certainly feel glorious after it!

Prostate 4 Hands

Feeling brave? Well if you’re a pleasure-seeker with balls of steel, a prostate 4 hands could be your golden ticket. Most men are apprehensive to explore prostate play out of fear it will be painful and embarrassing. The truth is, it’s the gateway to experiencing the ultimate pleasure- after all, the prostate is the male G-spot. Scheduling in for a 4 hands prostate massage doesn’t mean two masseuses are going to stick a finger up your bum at the same time, it just means the will play with different parts of your body concurrently. If you’re feeling particularly brave, I highly recommend this style. You’ll probably experience the most intense orgasm of your life.

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