5 top tips for booking your first 4 hands massage if you’re shy

two women giving a man 4 hands massage in london

How do you define being a ‘man’? Is it how masculine you look, how strong you are or how long you can last during sex? It’s none of those things- though men seem to think differently. If you’re nervous about your first 4 hands massage, you’re only human. Actively seeking out an evening with fun with an escort can be nerve-wracking because it’s frowned upon by most people. So doing the same thing with TWO women is even scarier. But if you’re pining for that once-in-a-lifetime experience and need some reassurance to bury the nerves, keep reading!

Choose your masseuses

Most London-based massage companies allow clients to choose their own masseuses- something that will benefit you, these companies are mainly located in Heathtrow, Canary Wharf, Mayfair, Soho, Paddington and other towns across the city of London. Although this might seem irrelevant, feeling attracted and drawn to your masseuses from the get-go will naturally ease your nerves. Whether you find them attractive, could relate to their bio or like their profile pictures, feeling drawn to your choice of women will make you feel more excited, and will overshadow any existing reservations.

Take a shower with them

Whether you opt for incall or outcall, most masseuses offer ‘assisted shower’ as an add-on service. But what are the benefits or assisted shower aside from being squeaky clean? Well its simple really- sharing a massage with someone you’re sexually attracted to is incredibly intimate- so is therefore the perfect opportunity to lay it all bare on the table. First of all: being naked in front of your masseuses is likely to be one of your biggest hang-ups. Naturally, we are all conscious of our body at times whether we are male or female- so exposing yourself to two beautiful women is bound to make you sweat. But what you need to realise is that your masseuses are there to make you feel special, and will do everything in their power to make you feel like the sexy, ‘masculine’ man you really are. Basically, you’ll leave that shower feeling like a lothario- not a mess.

Focus on your breathing

Breathing is one of the most important things to focus on during an oriental massage. All styles aim to push clients to a level of relaxation that allows them to switch off from the world; but this can only be achieved when breathing is relaxed and focused. Your masseuses will teach you some breathing techniques, but it will be up to you to forget about the stresses of life and try to enjoy your session to the full potential. When you perfect your breathing, your experience will be even more powerful.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your masseuses

Let’s clear something up: this massage is about YOU, so don’t be afraid to voice your likes and dislikes to your masseuses. They will welcome direction. Most shy men tend to keep their mouths closed, even if they are feeling uncomfortable or aren’t enjoying the massage. Masseuses encourage clients to give feedback, because it actually makes their job easier by focusing or avoiding certain areas of the body/performing techniques. If your masseuses touch you in places that you don’t like or, tell them. They will slow the massage down or will tailor their routine to make it more enjoyable for you. Don’t let your fear of speaking out ruin this experience for you- it’s something you’ll definitely regret.

Interact more with your masseuses

Some people find oriental massages clinical and unnatural because they aren’t allowed to touch or interact with their masseuse. Most London-based businesses on the other hand, encourage clients to find a natural, sexual balance with their chosen ladies. Touch your ladies- run your fingers over their smooth skin, kiss their necks the way you would a girlfriend. Erotic massages are scary because they are false in many ways. Sex is in intimate, loving experience- but paying for it changes the dynamics. That being said, it doesn’t have to be that way. It can feel natural if you allow it to.

Are you ready to put your nerves to bed and finally schedule in for that mind-blowing 4 hands massage you’ve always dreamed about? Call, text or email us on the details below and let us make your fantasy into a reality with our four hands massage London service.


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