4 hands massage in a relationship

2 asian masseuses lay down next to one another for a 4 hands massage london releationship massage

How to ensure your relationship doesn’t go to the dogs by getting a four hands couples massage.


In these cold and dark winter months before spring turns its cheerful head in our direction we, the British people, can experience feelings of sour mood which will cultivate into fraught words, silent dinners and general bickering between couples. Everything is a big deal, everything can turn in to an argument- don’t let winter destroy your relationship- take action. And if you do you can ensure that your relationship can blossom in the break of spring, and flourish in the heat and light of summer.

One of the problems with the winter months is that it is too cold and too dark outside to do anything. We all find ourselves falling into a state of sleep paralysis in the winter, with it getting dark so early our levels of energy deplete and we can find ourselves spending one too many nights at home in the evenings.  It is perfectly fine to nest in the winter if anything it’s necessary- and it is a good way to store a bit of money away post the spending spree that is December. But staying at home does not just leave you a little cut off from the rest of the world; it leaves at the length to your partner at all times.

It’s important in any relationship to give the flame alight and the passion burning. Spending time together as a couple is imperative in maintaining a relationship, having said that lazily spending time together is a whole different kettle of fish. Of course, I am not saying you shouldn’t be able to relax with your partner, it’s important that you can. However, there is a stark difference between relaxing and sobbing about. If you sit in night after night, eating off trays, neglecting the washing up and arguing about what channel to put on your fire is going to extinguish sooner than it takes to binge watch the entire season of Love Island.

The biggest curse in any relationship is getting bored. If you do not introduce any new or exciting activities into the mix your relationship cannot grow. And I know I know I know, when it’s dark and it’s cold it is hard to push yourself but for the sake of yourself and your partner, I think it’s about time you had a couples massage.

Now I’m not suggesting you rub your partners back at the end of a hard day, I’m suggesting you and your partner go further out of your comfort zone and try a four hands couple massage. Ever heard of it?

A four hands massage is an ancient erotic massage technique which involves a person enjoying the intense pleasure sensation of being massaged by two people at the same time; which you see it is called ‘four hands’. The effect of getting this style is that both halves of your brain become engulfed in pleasure- the intensity and deep pleasure that four hands bring out of the body leads to the recipient experiencing orgasmic pleasure far beyond that which they have experienced before. This erotic massage style not only leaves you feeling a deep sense of happiness and fulfilment but it also gives you the opportunity to experience a drawn-out orgasm. Now you might think this is just a myth but it is genuinely true that four hands massage sets the body up for the ultimate drawn out orgasm experience. The typical British male orgasm lasts around 30 seconds- with a four hands massage this can increase to up to an entire 5 minutes.

This is also a massage your partner can enjoy… she too will experience feelings of euphoric bliss and be drawn into a state of deep relaxation.  The good thing about getting a relaxing erotic massage together as a couple is because it will spark the sexual excitement back into your relationship.

It can be hard to turn on the sex button when you have spent all evening watching your partner pick their nose or eat an entire tube of Oreos. Bringing a second person into the spice you are immediately bringing some spice into the situation. The fact that this other person is a trained professional, effortlessly sexy erotic masseuse means that you will both learn a thing or two.

You should see your erotic masseuse as a spiritual guide, or as a genuinely effect relationship counsellor. She’s not going to make you spend hours explaining why you are struggling to be intimate with each other, she is going to make you both feel deeply relaxed, calm and eager to perform sexual acts on each other. There is nothing more erotic than a couples four hands massage London.

Taking it in turns to enjoy and be pleasured by the professional masseuse as well as pleasuring each other will further your relationship and draw you closer to each other. By witnessing your partner be intimate with someone else you will see them in a new light; a sexier light. Watching your partner munch on crap all winter while you watch tv is going to have tarnished your perception of them. Watching them be intimate and brave with another person will remind you of why you fell in love with them in the first place.


So if you think this situation feels familiar and you are ready to take the next step in your romantic relationship then consider booking a four hands couple massage today. Bring that spark back to your sex life this winter…

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