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27 May 2019
Asian masseuse london parlour giving man a tantric massage tantric massage always have to be sexual?

Does Tantric massage always have to be sexual?

Are all Tantric massage’s sexual? Tantric massage has been a powerful form of bodyworks for more than 2000 years. Though it’s often known as an erotic service, the early purposes of Tantra couldn’t be any further from a sexual nature. In Ancient times, medicines were in short supply and were only accessible for the rich. Due to this, doctors and medically practitioners looked for natural remedies to heal the sick. They realised that when we are under the weather, Chi […]

20 May 2019
2 asian masseuses lay down next to one another for a 4 hands massage london releationship massage

4 hands massage in a relationship

How to ensure your relationship doesn’t go to the dogs by getting a four hands couples massage.   In these cold and dark winter months before spring turns its cheerful head in our direction we, the British people, can experience feelings of sour mood which will cultivate into fraught words, silent dinners and general bickering between couples. Everything is a big deal, everything can turn in to an argument- don’t let winter destroy your relationship- take action. And if you […]

13 May 2019
naked woman things you dont know about a london erotic massage

Things you didn’t know about erotic massages

There are many things you don’t know… Ah, the world of the erotic massage, one that many want to try, but are too scared to explore, but why? In Britain, there is quite a lot of taboo surrounding erotic and tantric massages as people believe that they are wrong, not ethically right and that they violate many religious or cultural views. However, there are many positive things about erotic massage services and many things that you probably were not aware […]

06 May 2019
woman in her underwear beginning to the end of a sensual massage London

The beginning to the end of your Sensual Massage

You are in for a treat!   For many of you, the idea of receiving a sensual massage can be a scary and daunting one. Studies have revealed the main reason so many men in the U.K are afraid to try one is simply because they do not know enough information about them. As a nation we have quite sceptical views on erotic or sensual massages, therefore it can be seen as taboo to discuss them, meaning we are left […]