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30 Apr 2018
women giving man a full service massage

What to expect when booking a full-service massage (step-by-step guide)

The full service is a popular term thrown about in the adult massaging world. Many are familiar that the massage includes penetration, but not many know what to expect when booking the superior treatment. So here is a step-by-step guide to what to expect when booking a full service. The hot soapy shower At London Pleasure Parlour we advise you to start your session with a shower. Not only does this warm and relax your muscles for the perfect full […]

23 Apr 2018
woman and man on the beach hugging

Can a sensual massage make you a better lover?

Let’s face it as much as we might enjoy having sex, it’s hard to know if we’re actually any good at it. There’s no class to take in high school that teaches you to be a good lover and there’s no lover that will honestly tell you if you’re not doing so hot. I mean the likely hood is you’re probably alright. You can think to yourself, hey I’ve had no complaints yet, so what’s the problem? The problem is, […]

16 Apr 2018
4 hands massage with asian chinese women london paddington

The 5 best 4 hands massages to get

4 hands massages are a gift from God. They were created to make dreams come true and to put smiles on men’s faces. Perhaps you’re itching to get your hands on two beautiful masseuses but don’t what style is right for you? Well, we are here to make that decision a hell of a lot easier. Please see our top 5 4 hands massages that are guaranteed to satisfy your every need! Tantric 4 Hands Tantric massage combines elements of […]

10 Apr 2018
woman on a bed waiting for a nuru massage in london regents park

Thinking about a Nuru Massage?

Here at London Pleasure Parlour, we specialise in a range of erotic massages based on ancient Asian practices such as tantric and lingam, but nuru massage is something altogether more special. Based on a centuries-old Japanese art, nuru utilises a unique gel made from nori seaweed (the same used to make sushi) which creates a unique silky texture, allowing your naked masseuse to slide and grind all over you, giving you an erotic encounter like no other. Our nuru gel, […]

06 Apr 2018
prostate massage in london soho can prevent prostate cancer

Can prostate massages prevent prostate cancer?

The prostate massage is something of a neglected part of sex, especially when it comes to straight men. It is treated as something of a taboo, mostly because it involves inserting a finger, or some similar-shaped object, into the rectum. This puts a lot of men off, for obvious reasons, but that means a lot of you are missing out on a pretty special explosion of pleasure. A prostate orgasm is totally unique, and can even be a way for […]

03 Apr 2018
body to body massage ruins marriage woman caught man cheating regents park

Is getting a Body to Body massage cheating?

It’s not a shock to hear that body to body massages have a bad reputation. The whole umbrella of oriental massages is often deemed as sleazy, which is why the topic isn’t openly discussed in most societies. If you don’t know what a body to body massage is, let me explain. It is an erotic, naked massage that combines traditional massage techniques with sexual play- so yes; happy endings and full service are part of the package if you want. […]