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27 Feb 2018
man getting getting body to body massage in east london

Health benefits of a body to body massage

Are you aware of the amazing health benefits you can get from a body to body massage? Feeling rough, stressed out, muscle pain becoming intolerable? A body to body massage is an alternative means of erotic therapy that is often overlooked and works wonders to relieve psychical and mental strain. Continue reading and discover why more and more people are opting for a trip to a erotic, tantric masseuse for body to body massage everyday rather than their local physiotherapist […]

23 Feb 2018
asian erotic masseuse oxford street london

What to expect for your first erotic massage

Useful advice from someone who’s experienced erotic massage before. Thinking about booking an Asian erotic massage in London for the first time? Have basically no idea about what to expect? Trust me I’ve been there and my first time were weird. I’d gone on the recommendation of a work colleague, new to the big city of London, new to having a proper job; I was knackered, stressed and frankly, dead horny.  I called the number and booked an erotic massage […]